This Is NOT About a Virus

Are you confused in this swirl of contradictory information, that’s been unleashed on the public, over the last year or so? Bewildered? Frustrated? That’s exactly where they want you. Because this is not about a virus or a pandemic – it’s a calculated technique to herd us into the Great Reset – the much talked about New World Order that has been planned from very long ago.

Others outside of the Cult of evil and secrecy have – if you like – cracked their code and understand what the ‘pandemic’ is about. It is the last stepping stone in the centuries old agenda for total control and human massacre – sanitised as depopulation via devious means, and blamed on a non existent virus. Of course the ‘code crackers’ are brushed aside as nutty conspiracy theorists. A BIG mistake, as we are seeing all around us.

Why do some of us who have cracked their secret cult double-speak get such flak? It’s pretty obvious . . . the only others who are in the know are those who have been initiated into the cult.

Amazing Polly Explains It All In This Video

All you need to understand this is some basic research, a pair of ears and an open critical mind. The evidence is all out there in front of you, from the mouths of those who are behind this evil. It’s not what the likes of myself say, it is what THEY openly admit to, and have consistently warned you about.

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