Do You FULLY Understand What mRNA Injections Are?

Please view and listen carefully to the following video. It will give you a deeper insight into the mRNA injectables, and will help you under5stand the difference between this new injectable and traditional vaccines. Don’t fall into the trap of believing that this is a ‘vaccine’ in the form of all previous vaccines. It is TOTALLY different, untested and never before used on humans, who are the live ‘lab rats’ for the experiment they are conducting in direct contravention of the Nuremberg Code. It’s serious stuff, and you should be aware of all that’s involved, so that your decision is a FULLY informed one. There is no going back if you change your mind later – after receiving your first jab – it’s irreversible. So now is the time to get all your information, before you make the wrong decision.

This is not the official line you are being fed by the mainstream media (MSM) like the BBC and others, all of whom are dictated to by a small number of global media owners who are implicated in the fraudulent Covid-19 scam.

The truth is being wilfully kept away from you. If your only source of information is the MSM then you really need to widen out your knowledge base through sites like this and tens of thousands of censored sites worldwide. Do you wonder why the other sources of information from scientists, doctors and medical researchers, along with legal professionals – who have nothing to gain – are being censored and gagged? Ask yourself  ‘are they all conspiracy theorists?’ As the MSM and phoney fact checkers would have you believe at every opportunity.

What is the MSM agenda and why?

The MSM agenda is based purely on what they are told to broadcast by the propagandists, who in turn are paying them millions of pounds in advertising fees, to get their false message over. Their aim is to get everyone ‘vaccinated’ against an unknown virus strain (that has not been isolated, identified or it’s genome sequenced) that has a 99.97% recovery rate and kills only 0.03% of those around 84 years of age on average, who have other serious existant co-morbidities – which they may have died of anyway.

Think seriously about that, and ask yourself ‘why the huge push to get everyone on earth injected with an mRNA – gene altering – injectable? Have you seen the – revealed for all to see – evidence in the form of the open disclosures by the likes of Bill Gates and organisations like the World Economic Forum and especially the contents of the Agenda 21/ 2030 documents that have been adopted by 179 nations? The operative word that runs through it like a thread is ‘DEPOPULATION’. In other words a cull of the present population down to manageable 500 million. Don'[t take my word for it – do your own research. This is not made up information at the whim of an over active imagination of an individual. The facts are all out there, along with all the evidence. All you need to do is clear the brain fog and start reading and watching the videos presented. THEN come to your OWN conclusions – it won’t take long – if you have an open mind, and are not gullible enough to listen to the establishment’s propaganda.

Agenda 21/ 2030/ Vision 2050 and the hoax pandemic

They are all part of the same plan. Different instruments playing in one orchestra.

Here’s a quick translation of the primary ‘weasel words’ goal of the 2030 Agenda:

Big Pharma & ‘Vaccines’: Those taking vaccines are shockingly ignorant of the criminal fraud behind Big Pharma and the Cabal’s long term agenda.

Those taking the mRNA Covid inoculations right now are shockingly ignorant about the facts revealing criminal fraud across Big Pharma. Nearly every single vaccine manufacturer operating today has a history of science fraud, bribery, kickbacks, price-fixing, illegal marketing and more. And you trust them with your health and your life?

Big Pharma corporations have proven again and again that it’s never about health . . . . it’s always about their bottom line, no matter what the cost to humanity. And the cost to humanity in the wake of this false pandemic is associated with a big drive to depopulate the earth, whilst using the recipients of the injections as the guinea pigs in a huge experiment, never before attempted.

Even former executives of top pharma companies (like Dr. Mike Yeado – an ex Phizer vice president) are now warning of the “crimes against humanity” we are all witnessing with the vaccine agenda, which is confirmed as a global depopulation agenda to exterminate a huge swathe of humankind. Too outlandish to be true? Do your own personal research.

Today’s post presents stunning facts that will shock even those of you who already consider yourselves informed about the evils of Big Pharma and the Cabal’s frontline generals and foot soldiers. The only counter force against it is the PEOPLE themselves. To date they have been woefully uneducated about the truths surrounding  what is transpiring in front of their eyes. The Cabal have planned this for an extremely long time. Agenda 21/ 2030, and now this fraudulent scam pandemic which was really about global vaccination, are all jigsaw pieces that form the big picture. You don’t need a microscope to see what’s going on. A  myopic ‘Stateist’ belief system mentality makes you totally blind to the truth. You really need to wake up.

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