What Is A Sacred Cow?

A sacred cow

A ‘Sacred Cow’ is a term used for something too highly regarded to be open to criticism or curtailment. It is something that is considered to have a status that allows it to avoid any criticism or questioning. The phrase has arisen and generally refers to the veneration of the cow in Hinduism (a religion named and popularised by the British colonialists, but actually encompasses a vast array of different beliefs, cultures and sects).

This veneration, devotion and elevation of a belief or a doctrine to a level beyond criticism is usually reserved for religious cults, but has now crept into medicine.

Once someone has assumed that all vaccines are safe and effective beyond doubt people will not listen to a contrary view. It is a false belief system conjured up by Big Pharma to make money.

The religion-like belief that vaccines are beyond criticism has become a common, but totally misinformed phenomenon. You are not allowed to question or criticise something that is a ‘Sacred Cow’. Sadly this is a fundamental vulnerability or weakness in humans. As the priests and leaders in a said religion would tell their followers that a certain belief is beyond question, the adherents are then bamboozled into believing it wholeheartedly.  Strangely the adherents of that religion will not question anything, but will rely on faith in the religion (in this case vaccines) to dictate what they think and guide their conduct in their everyday life.

Today’s Sacred Cow – The Vaccines Cult

This phenomenon has been used for thousands of years to coerce and steer people in a direction that is advantageous to those pushing a doctrine for their own benefit, or to further their own agenda. Nowhere is that more obvious than today, where the people (especially the medically uneducated, ignorant ones) have been conditioned – through propaganda to believe that vaccines are safe and efficient – they are not – and very few have been over the last hundred years or so of their use. This conditioning to believe in a ‘Sacred Cow’  is rarely for the benefit of the adherents. It’s a sad and dangerous state of affairs, when people are stopped from thinking for themselves. It is commonly evident amongst ‘statists’ – those people who believe that the state always tells them the truth for their benefit – regardless of the state’s well documented track record of repeated and unrelenting deceit and lies. Many know this, but due to cognitive dissonance, they shy away from what is the reality that they cannot bear to contemplate. Regardless of the presentation of facts and evidence to the contrary, they will stick to what they illogically are told and believe. Worse still, they will dismiss the logic that challenges and proves that their perceived reality is the incorrect one. It’s mentally painful for them.

The Role Of The Media Propagandists

This state of affairs is further buttressed and strengthened by the mainstream media – more especially the government’s propaganda machine in the guise of the BBC in the UK. Their main function has been to put the fear of God into people – making them believe they are in danger of dying from an invisible disease. Over and over the mainstream (propaganda) news media have  emphasised that e.g. the Sars-Cov-2 virus that causes the shadowy Covid-19 disease (which, incidentally, has not been scientifically proven to actually exist as it has not been isolated, identified nor it’s genome sequenced in any lab. to show that it is a new disease) is absolutely deadly, and that draconian, dictatorial and tyrannical  measures to curtail it are totally necessary, with the accompanying removal of people’s unamiable freedom rights employed to do that; all empowered by illegal measures in the form of government ‘directives’ under the umbrella of the  Emergency Covid-19 Act 2020, that covers a multitude of sins, including the authorisation to use untested experimental injections for a disease that 99.97% of people naturally recover from completely, with no ill effects, and often with such mild or non existent symptoms that they are unaware they have experienced an infection – so why an untested ‘vaccine’ now? Why the corresponding rush to inoculate everyone on the planet? The public is blatantly ignoring the fact that this experimental, altered gene function ‘vaccine’, is already killing and crippling the ones who have been daft enough to receive it, without question. This is truly alarming, but unreported in the media. The facts are all there if you wish to look and research them. [Link].

Cult leaders – Big Pharma/ Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation . Can you trust their vaccination ‘Sacred Cow’?

At present, the experimental mRNA gene altering injectable is the major ‘Sacred Cow’. Many seem to believes that it is a bog standard ‘vaccine’ (like the traditional flue vaccine). It is NOT a vaccine but a gene manipulation tool that makes your body a Sars-Cov-2 cell protein factory; that is the function of an mRNA injection. It has NEVER before been used on humans. The public are told that ‘experts’ are advising on this. Who chooses the experts? If you delve a little deeper you will find that all of these ‘experts’ have ties to the pharmaceutical industries, or the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, in one way or another. Either as infiltrated stooges in high powered positions over the years – at the behest of the Cabal, or those who have sold their soul for thirty pieces of silver in return  for research grant money, that they protect at all costs. He who pays the piper always calls the tune. Just follow the money.

The real experts are kept well away from the public – for fear of exposing the establishment’s ‘Sacred Cows’ in the form of lies about vaccines and the general misrepresentation of true science. There are tens of thousands of conscientious scientists, doctors, medical researchers and lawyers who have had their voices taken away. They are censored or attacked in the media and technically (their websites being taken down through denial of service attacks etc. Similar attacks have been unsuccessfully perpetrated against this site and the free speech, video streaming platforms that are competing against the likes of You Tube and Vimeo – along with others). Their crime is daring to question these sacred cows.

You Tube and Facebook remove media and close accounts arbitrarily  as they have now been crowned the arbitrators of what is accepted as free speech, and further what is acceptable to the new style tyrannical establishment. This is in a vain attempt to seal off the truth from getting out to the masses. They are  viciously censoring anything that goes against the official narrative – this is only known to have happened in the past by dictatorial regimes – like the one in Germany under Nazi  rule in the thirties and forties of the last century. Then it was newspapers, films and radio that were used to bully and shut up the dissenters.

Here is a BGB reproduced video by Dave Cullen that further explains all of this ‘Sacred Cow’ business:

Whilst on the subject of EXPERTS

Below is another BGB reproduction video featuring two of the recognised world leaders in their profession. It is a discussion between Dr Reiner Füllmich who is a successful trial lawyer and has won cases against fraudulent corporations such as Deutsche bank, VW, and Cunard and Niagara. He featured in a video from the previous post, and Professor Dolores Cahill, who needs no introduction to those who regularly follow BGB’s posts. Her CV and the work she’s relentlessly involved in to fight back against this fraudulent hoax pandemic is just jaw dropping (please visit her website).

There is no one who officially advises the UK Government that is up to her academic calibre. Apparently, as I’ve heard on the grapevine, the Government’s SAGE committee does not even have a virologist represented on it (please let me have his/ her name if they’ve recently engaged one). It figures, you don’t need that expertise, if all you are doing is being a mouthpiece for your pay masters.

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