Don’t Let Them Dictate How You Spend Your Holidays

I hope you had a nice holiday – despite all attempts by the governments to make it as miserable as possible for you!

I’m publishing this post, to wish everyone a better year in 2021 than you’ve just encountered in 2020. That can only happen if we open enough eyes & minds to the reality of the evil that has been purposely unleashed on humanity.

Here’s a little video from BGB with a message from young Gareth Icke, that he gave at a protest rally in London towards the end of 2020 . I found it very encouraging, and I hope you take the full core message through with you into 2021 and beyond:

My holiday has been particularly miserable. My mother passed away on the 20th of December, and apart from the bad timing of when it happened, this ludicrous and absurd lockdown has compounded the usual stresses of a bereavement. I had promised that the blog would be active again in the new year, but as the funeral is not until the 6th, it is not really appropriate or respectful to start publishing blog posts until the dust has settled, and we are over our initial grief.

So don’t despair, the blog will be back broadcasting the truth, but just a bit later than anticipated.

Many thanks for your continued interest, patience and support.


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