False Impression

Like most people, one associates a ‘reset’ with an act that restores back to a past state. E.g. a reset of your computer, or a reset of society back to an earlier period, or a financial reset, where loans are written off and a country’s financial balance sheet is restored to zero.

When we hear of ‘The Great Reset‘ which is becoming a common phrase in our everyday life – nothing could be further from the truth.

Rather than try to explain what is going on with an extensive article, here is a BGB reproduction of a video first recorded by James Corbett of the now famous Corbett Report website. It explains in detail what is actually in progress, and fast hurtling towards it’s conclusion, veiled by a hoax pandemic which has been the accelerant in bringing to fruition a plan that was first conceived around ninety years ago in the nineteen thirties.

Once viewed to the end, you will see more clearly what the situation is, and how it will effect all of us humans on the earth. A world controlled by technocrats.

You can check out the facts in the above video by following the links contained in these video notes:

The Great Reset | Launch session 3 June 2020

The Great Reset book.

The Great Reset website.

The Great Reset Event 201 coronavirus plushie

Interview 1581 – James Corbett Breaks Down the Great Reset (w/ Pete Quinones)

The Great Reset podcast.

Kerry et al. on The Great Reset podcast

Anne Richardson et al. on financing a sustainable recovery

Grover on The Great Reset podcast

Was There Foreknowledge of the Plandemic?

Interview 1533 – John Titus Exposes the Fed’s Coronavirus Lies

Solutions: Spontaneous Order

COVID-19 Transformation Map

What is a transformation map? (2017)

What is the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

Klaus Schwab & His Great Fascist Reset

Yuval Noah Harari: the world after coronavirus | Free to read

deplatforming controversial speakers

Interview 1579 – Jeremy Kauffman Introduces LBRY and Odysee

unklfranco comments on James Corbett Breaks Down the Great Reset (on Odysee)

Governor Cuomo Announces Collaboration with Gates Foundation to Reimagine Education

Technocracy and Education – James Tracy on GRTV

Sesame Street on education as a tool of societal transformation

Rich getting richer during COVID scam (New World Next Week)

THE GREAT RESET Also Explained Via This Documentary By Neil McCoy-Ward

This is a BGB saved reproduction of the original video as it risked being censored and taken down by You Tube.


A video clip from Anna Brees who  interviews Barrister Francis Hoar – who is involved in a Judicial Review & the legality of lockdown & the media. The interesting part of the interview is Francis Hoar’s views on the Great Reset, the World Economic Forum, how the media have attacked the Great Barrington Declaration and especially the precarious position of our democratic rights and freedoms into the future.


As with most of the information being pumped out to the public via mainstream media propaganda – nothing is what it seems. You owe it to yourself and your future generations to research and study the true facts, and make your own mind up about what is actually going on. All the evidence is there in plain sight.

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