Good Old Mail on Sunday – A Bit Of Sense At Last!

Thank you Ted Verity (Mail on Sunday editor)

I have to confess, I’m not your average ‘Mail’ reader, although the Mail on Sunday is not the Daily Mail of course.

My political views don’t fit in well with the Mail, but this is not about politics per sey, this is something that has no political barriers – just as the Cabal, stuffed full of elites – have no national borders. They are globalists whose power and influence reaches above your day to day politics. Their influence, wealth and power has transcended the power of governments, the tail has been wagging the dog for a long time. When you vote for the government of your choice, in a make believe democracy of the people’s will, you should by now have realised that what you are voting for is the same hand inside two separate sock puppets.

Thank you also Peter Hitchens (Mail on Sunday columnist) for your repeated outspoken resistance to these hoax pandemic measures

Anyway, getting back to the excellent editorial column, published by the Mail on Sunday yesterday. We have at last been exposed to some sensible analysis and a large dose of common sense. Let’s hope it helps wake up the poor sheeple who are still being frightened stiff by the official commentary on the so called Covid-19 pandemic. Perhaps the published comments in the Mail on Sunday’s editorial column will help some get a glimpse of what is actually going on, and how serious the consequences of this hoax pandemic really is.

The lies are being – bit by bit – exposed, and anyone who is still calm enough to read and listen will start to climb out of the perceived reality built for them by the propaganda spewing mainstream media – with the BBC at the helm of that false news propaganda army in the UK.

The editorial column was so good, that we have seen fit to publish it here – for those who don’t read newspapers any more, or are sick and tired of on-line mainstream news these days:


Peter Hitchens Update – 20/10/2020

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