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James Corbett joins Jim Goddard on This Week in Money for a wide-ranging conversation on COVID-19, the coming technocratic biosecurity state, and the economic ramifications of this Brave New Normal – like the coming cashless society.


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In the first week of this hoax pandemic, I predicted that the far reaching consequences of this plandemic would be devastating and and utterly horrific. Many then, and up till now have taken the laid back view that it would be over in a few months, and even if it stretched on to 2021, things would gradually get back to normal once it was past. They were quite happy to wait it out, tread water and carry on as usual until they could pick up again where they left off. Sadly a bit of an ostrich reaction.


When an earthquake happens or a volcano erupts out to sea, it causes a gigantic wave to be created. Sitting happily on a beach, the first manifestation is that the sea retreats out of sight. People on the beach are in awe of the phenomenon, and sometimes just sit there staring. Others who are aware of the situation run for their lives. Shortly after the sea’s retreat, a wall of water comes rushing inland and causes huge devastation, destruction and death.

Using that scenario, we are at the stage between the retreat and the coming wall of water. The real disaster of this planned pandemic is yet to be realised and truly experienced.  Some will continue with their little everyday interests, waiting for someone else to sort everything out, at which time they will be returned to normality.

What James Corbett says in the above podcast, should wake some of us up to what we can look forward to under a technocratic, totalitarian, globally ruled world of tyranny.

Only we the people can stop this by waking up and pushing back against the inevitable.

You can view James Corbett’s Corbett Report website by clicking on the link in the right hand panel under the heading ‘Recommended External Sites’.

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