The Latest Zany Cov-19 (Man Boobs) Treatment – Suggestion Prize Goes To: Dr. Amir Khan

Words Of Advise From a Clown In A Mad World!

If it looks like a clown, talks like a clown and jumps on the band wagon of this hoax pandemic, then it IS a clown! Top marks for a vivid imagination though. It makes you wonder if messing with drugs and artificial hormones in a hospital may have seeped into Dr. Kahn’s neuron cluster. Judging by his voice, and mannerism he may have been using himself as a Guinea Pig! The flippancy of these people – don’t they realise the consequences of spouting stuff like this? And getting gullible, fear ridden and panic stricken Sheeple to mess up their endocrine systems. What’s worse, the propaganda issuing mainstream media revel in this sort of nonsense and gleefully broadcast it to tens of millions of gullible listeners. They are now taking the piss aren’t they?

Here’s More In Depth Info. On This Story:

Perhaps It’s Only A Strain Of ‘Man Flu’ At The End Of The Day?

More Info. From A Doctor With Over 50 Years experience In The Medical Field

Sobering isn’t it? And the eminent Dr. Khan (who was still in bag-dad for at least a quarter of a century after Dr. Coleman had qualified as a doctor). He’s not long out of medical school, judging by his youthful looks – comes up with the brainchild of dosing his male ‘flu’ patients with OESTROGEN!

It seems to be par for the course for people like him to be hand-picked by the MSM as a ‘celeb’ doc. It really is a case of mocking the afflicted (those with sparse knowledge and a propensity to believe ANYTHING they hear from the telly – regardless of how ridiculous it is).

I despair. The only good thing to come out of this establishment created madness, is that now we get a clearer picture of who the duds are in our society, and sadly there’s a hell of a lot of them.

So the Corona virus has caused the collapse of the world’s economy? WRONG! The GOVERNMENTS are the ones responsible for this mess, by listening to the lying poison dripped in their ears by ‘experts’ who are W.H.O. plants. The same organisation that is bought and paid for by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for population reduction psychopaths.

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  1. cam

    I watched the first video this morning and throughly enjoyed the message and the absurdity of it all. How could anyone seriously consider that men taking oestrogen is a good idea? And this is news? It’s pantomime as Richie Allen would say. The big loutish aggressive thug screaming abuse at a non conformist on the tube really spoke volumes. I am waiting for this to happen here come August 24th after a petition from the scaredy cat public demanded that people wear masks so they can feel safer. Only saw a few brave souls in my local Costco warehouse Bucking the trend and the staff looked at me like I was a pariah. There is a hopefully sizeable protest this Sunday here in Vancouver bc that I will attend and I hope I can connect with some like minded folk and it stays peaceful. I am aware that plain clothes cops like to try and blend in and instigate violence and slip away when the riot police are called in. Hopefully that won’t happen but I will be watching out for it. Knowledge is power.
    There is so much information out there that makes perfect sense to me but the spell on so many people is pretty strong or they are in huge denial.
    My boss brought all the staff together to outline some points. One of which shocked me that I just sat there in submissive silence and didn’t challenge him. I felt like a coward. I know he means well and has a huge responsibility to keep a business afloat that has many employees to keep financially solvent. And yet I stayed silent despite not caring if I were to lose this job. At this point it’s more like rearranging deck chairs on the titanic for most companies these days. What his message was, after belittling people questioning the government’s narrative As mad conspiracy theorists, is that we have to do everything we can to stay healthy and protected against “covid” and anyone not doing their bit is extremely selfish and irresponsible and we have to support one another regardless how we feel about everything. Not the worst thing he could have said but it sounded like polish your jackboots and be ready to join the SS because there are some pesky Russians to fight.
    Sorry if this post is long and rambling but I am at my wits end here.

  2. cam

    Well I went off to my We The People rally and enjoyed listening to the many speakers who were warning the crowd of the dangers we are all facing. Unfortunately the crowd was not as big as I would have wanted but at least it was good to be around people who were not thrilled about the direction we are all being led. Then the Falun Gong protest took over and a few took offence at they were all wearing masks outdoors and talking about bubbles and so the police donned masks and stepped in. This was my cue to leave. Overall it could have been worse on a 34 degree Celsius day here in Vancouver.

    • Big Gee

      Well done you Cam!

      These protests are starting to spring up and I can only see them getting stronger. From little acorns big oak trees grow. Until the authorities move in – because they will do all within their power to shut us up.

      Google are ahead of the game with their algorithms. Put a search in Google for anti lockdown protests and all you get are results for George Floyd and Black Lives Matter. Now I wonder why that is?

      There’s one arranged for Trafalgar Square in London – next weekend I think, with very prominent speakers like Prof. Dolores Cahill, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Dr. Andrew Kaufman and Dr. Rashid Buttar etc. It’ll be interesting to see how many turn up and how the authorities react and how the mainstream media cover it.

      They’ll probably say a few thousand turned up, like they did with the Berlin protest, when in fact it was estimated that between 1 – 1.5 MILLION were involved.

      I’ll try and dig up the poster for this London rally and put it on the blog for visitors to download and print if they want to.

  3. cam

    I saw that proposed rally courtesy in London courtesy of Richie Allen’s twitter feed. They are really good speakers and although I don’t envy people in Britain right now, I would definitely try and attend that for sure if I was living there. That’s interesting about google hiding dissidents and their protests. That Berlin reporting of 30 000 Protestors was farcical and provides worthy evidence of corruption in the MSM although I couldn’t convince my wife otherwise.
    I’ll keep chipping away. It’s all I can do right now in this madness.

  4. Big Gee

    It’s so obvious I honestly don’t understand why people don’t see it. Try getting your wife to go to Google and type in any number followed by ‘cases’. It’ll come up with a corresponding response for that number, but about Covid-19. Now don’t you think that’s strange? It proves that Googles algorithms are rigged. It’s the same reason why it does not return proper responses to lockdown protests.

    Yes, that’s the one, that Richie put up on his Twitter feed. It’s a poster for the coming rally in London’s Trafalgar Square. I’m trying to get an original copy, so that I can publish it here, so that interested visitors can download and print it.

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