Does a NEW VIRUS Exist? Or Is It a Fabricated Lie?


Following on from the previous article published on BGB yesterday (Plenty of Coronaviruses But No SARS-CoV2: Still Holds True); here is further proof of that statement from Drs. Andy Kaufman and Tim O’Shea. In fact Dr. O’Shea is so convinced that this so called pandemic virus is nothing more than a phantom – a disguised seasonal flu corona virus, and not a novel virus  – that he is prepared to offer a personal reward of $5,000 to anyone, or any organisation who can scientifically prove otherwise.

There has been a long line of infection scares that Dr. O’Shea  calls ’boutique viruses’ i.e. normal viruses that are in circulation – typically seasonal flu viruses that cyclically appear every year, but are portrayed as new coronaviruses. This year again, a normal seasonal flu outbreak has been labelled a new coronavirus, this is what has been happening for a number of years, but this year, those with ulterior motives have hit the jackpot, with a worldwide fear induced panic that has driven people into house arrest, hiding behind their sofas in a fit of hysteria – for fear of dying. They have also voluntarily given up a swathe of their freedoms and rights over an unproven, unidentified and unisolated virus. All the evidence suggests that this is the case. The usual seasonal flu has been hijacked for purposes that can only be described as sinister, which has nothing to do with concerns for our health and welfare – which is what is being portrayed. The result of their actions will kill more people than one annual flu virus.

The Proof of The Scam Is In The FIGURES

The most damning clue of what is going on is the evidence contained in the figures. The overall global death rates from all causes is BELOW the average for annual deaths. If a killer pandemic was on the loose, the annual figures would remain roughly the same but with a huge increase on top of that due to a pandemic. This is NOT the case.

Figures for deaths due to this phantom COVID-19 pandemic have been massaged – in order to portray the illusion of it’s deadliness, but the figures remain a constant indicator that this is simply a recategorisation of usual deaths. Seasonal flu kills every year, and amazingly, in 2020 the deaths contributed to respiratory illness is BELOW what is normally seen during times when the seasonal flu strikes. The figures for 2017/18 is considerably higher. This suggests that this year’s figures reflects a more benign strain of seasonal flu, that has been deliberately labelled as a new deadly virus called Corona virus SARS CoV-2 or COVID-19. Evidence of it’s existence does not exist, as demonstrated by Dr. O’Shea in this video:


Not Alone

Dr. O’Shea is not alone when it comes to exposing this madness, through a scam that has been perpetrated on the masses. Thankfully, more and more doctors and scientists (and many in the public who are waking up) are coming forward to challenge the propaganda relentlessly pushed on an unwary and trusting populace, that has been trained and groomed from birth to accept what is told to them by the establishment, through the corrupt media corporations. An establishment that is peppered by implanted, agents of the Cabal – the 1% of the 1% that influences the governments through their money, power and influence. The Globalists that are not confined by national borders. Foremost amongst them is the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation – headed by Bill Gates, the self professed ‘expert’ with no formal medical knowledge or training – who has, through his wealth and bought influence, monopolised the world’s health industry. The ‘Foundation’ is now the biggest funder of the W.H.O. that does as it’s told, because he who pays the piper calls the tune. His associations and funding of various big pharmaceutical companies, media corporations, education establishment and research institutes, like: Imperial College London (280 million), University of Oxford (243 million), Professor Chris Witty – England’s Chief medical officer – (40 million), America’s CDC (155 million), John Hopkins University (over 870 million), GAVI (over 3 Billion), World Health Organisation (over 4.3 Billion), the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC – 53 million) and the list goes on and on. When Gates says: “Jump ” they all answer in unison: “How high sir?”.

More Evidence

This second video is on the same subject as the first one above. This time the presentation is by Dr. Andrew Kaufman, who has been at the forefront of the exposure of this ridiculous hoax from day one. He, along with a myriad of others, have been severely censored by the likes of Google, who owns You Tube. You need to ask “why should the establishment go to such lengths to silence those who are telling the truth?” Surely the way to convince people is by debate, but if your arguments are based on lies and misinformation, and a dependency on public ignorance, you are bound to lose that debate. So the only path open to you is to silence the other party. As an independent private platform, BGB is here to expose the lies and promote the truth, from the mouths of the most eminent doctors and scientists in the world. Also to promote the excellent work that diligent researchers do to bring this information out into the open.

Here is Doctor Andy Kaufman MD:

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