Their Time Is Running Out – As People Increasingly Continue To Wake Up

Whenever humans are confronted with a fear that their life is at risk, they panic on a massive scale. It is their basic character – which is reflected in their herd actions. The same is observed when their primate cousins have a ‘herd’ reaction to a perceived threat. See the numerous wildlife film clips of a troop of chimpanzees, and how they react when they are – for whatever reason – spooked. Individuals lose all reason/ control and set off screaming and jumping, causing a train reaction amongst the rest – they all get irrationally panicked, simply reacting spontaneously to what is generally happening within the troop. Later,  when the fear gradually subsides, things calm down, and they all get back to behaving normally – we humans are approaching that stage of the highly strung primate reaction to the perceived (and artificially generated) fear of dying from a new virus.

We are currently calming down after the mass panic caused by the medical ‘experts’, whose advice is blindly followed by clueless politicians, who have a collective understanding of medical science which is roughly equal to that of primary school children. The media then fans the flames with scaremongery propaganda, and you have a blaze of irrational fear and panic going on.

The good news is that an increasing number of scientists and doctors (just view the reports on this blog from a swelling number of eminent doctors), who are dispelling the lies propagated by the people behind this never before witnessed scale of deception. The masses are also calming down and as reason returns, many are starting to question the stories sown by the mainstream media, who are bought and paid for by the powers in the shadows.

So the wheels are coming off the propaganda cart, and the lies are slowly unravelling. However the ones who orchestrated this situation are not likely to give up at this stage. As Dr Coleman eloquently explains in the following video – there could be worse to come, as the time runs out for the Cabal during this first phase of the planned agenda. Be alert to the next phase of this bold and brutal attack on our humanity, freedoms and normality.



New World – Centralised Power From Top Down Within An Authoritarian World Government And Military

Below is a second video produced by BGB, featuring a report by Dave Cullen, where he explains what is actually happening as we move forward through this mess:



The Rockefeller Foundation Lock-step Document

As mentioned in Dave Cullen’s  piece in the above video, here is a full copy of the ‘Lock Step’ report. It makes chilling reading. It is an open declaration of the intention to create a one world government (New World Order). This NWO has been declared on many occasions over the years by various leaders, among whom have been Gordon Brown (past prime minister of the UK) and George W. Bush (US president). It is not a figment of the imagination, conjured up by some over zealous doomsday soothsayers. It is very real. Few people have taken notice, but it’s there in full view, for anyone to research. It is also tied in to the two scams, a) the climate change scare – see Agenda 21/ 2030 Sustainable Development document and b) this latest killer virus hoax spearheaded by the W.H.O. bought and paid for by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. It is all part of the same agenda.

The document below is proof of what the agenda of the Cabal and the corporate globalist companies, under the control of the Cabal is.

Make a special note of page 15 in this document:


Rockefeller Foundation Lockstep Document

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