The Last Straw

The Covid-19 hoax pandemic has been a bold move by the Cabal to scare the uneducated population of the Earth into a panic, and then to herd them into a world-wide mandatory vaccination programme resulting in the forced depopulation of the planet, and to usher in a New World Government. They may have overplayed their hand. Whilst it would appear that they have held the people captive to their agenda, there is still time to manoeuvrer a lawful revolt through the legal system. The laws laid down in statute books in ancient times, may in fact be the salvation of mankind, and the total demise of the cleverly worked plan, through the governments of the World by the Cabal.

The Awakening In The Right Quarters

Increasingly, we have seen highly qualified and intelligent people, both in the medical and scientific fields, who oppose this hideous scam involving the media who have worked to fan the flames of the lies fed to the unwary. The voices of these medical and scientific people have become louder and to the fore. People who were oblivious to what was behind this scare, are slowly, but surely waking up to reality.

However there is a potentially more powerful group, who have been stirred into action, the lawyers, barristers and judges in the legal field. Increasingly many of them have started to look very closely at what has happened, and are starting to put together the case for putting governments and leaders of countries on trial for treason and sedition against the people.

Whilst in a past state of blissful ignorance, the multitudes have not been taught, and have therefore forgotten, that all governments (in democratic countries at least) are answerable to them, and that they have the power, and not a tiny handful of elites who have assumed, and taken over control. These are the ‘leaders’ who have passed laws (especially recent emergency laws) without consulting the people. This is tantamount to treason, as they have broken the laws laid down in constitutions and Bills of Right. Up until now they have got away with it. However with this last bold move engineered by the Cabal, they may have gone a step too far. With the impending evil that we are being herded towards, the legal people have started to organise themselves.

An Explanation Of The Notice That Has Been Served On The British Government.

As you would expect, this information has not surfaced in the MSM, for obvious reasons. Below is a video originally compiled by Jesse Casanova and reproduced by Big Gee’s Blog, that explains in detail what this is about. More importantly, the notice expires on the 22nd of June 2020. After that date a lawful revolt is planned across the Globe.

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