By Way Of A Little Clarification

As readers of this blog will know, in the wake of the ruthless crackdown (of those exposing lies and deception) by the popular media streaming platforms like YouTube, Vimeo etc. and the corresponding government pushed censorship by the other social media giants – like Facebook. Many truth broadcasters in the alternative media have turned to other independent streaming platforms, where content can be stored safely, without the risk of sudden and total censorship – without warning – I may add. Accounts have been removed contrary to some of these giant platforms’ own policies. They are not adhering to their own ‘three warnings’ policies before accounts are deleted.

Not a big surprise to those of us who know who control them. And the fear they have of losing control of their planned agenda.

Hardcore Censorship

This is blatant censorship of the worst kind, seen only from totalitarian regimes in the past. Sadly, as the net closes, and we are guided towards a Global Totalitarian Order this is what you expect to happen. This behaviour has led to so-called free and democratic states adopting the same tactics as past and present, known totalitarian states. ANYTHING that goes contrary to the propaganda, relentlessly broadcast by the mainstream media (MSM), is unproportionally obliterated by the states’ censorship thugs – the social media platforms. In the past the only outlet for alternative news has been social media. That ‘freedom’ is now being closed down in increments. We’ve criticised countries like China or North Korea in the past for this kind of clampdown, now it’s here. It’s of little surprise that methods used by China, were adopted by other countries when it came to dealing with this hoax pandemic. We shouldn’t be surprised to see China used as the template for the eventual totalitarian regime that will be ushered in globally, the reaction to this fake pandemic is a stepping stone to that goal.

You can broadcast porn, and abuse, like murder, perversion or paedophilia  to your heart’s content on so called free public media platforms, but you can’t exercise freedom of speech to question what the MSM is pumping out as the Cabal’s propaganda mouthpiece. Tell people the facts and expose the truth and the censorship police step in. Does that sound normal to you?

A Message To Account Holders At Brighteon

As an account holder with the free speech Brighteon platform, I received this message earlier today:

Brighteon Update:

We are experiencing disruptions in video transcoding that is affecting all channels, including our own. Videos are getting “stuck” in the post-transcoding processing, causing your videos to appear to be stuck in the “video processing” stage.

This problem has been recurring for about a week, and we don’t have it solved yet, which means you should expect delays of several hours for some videos. It appears to be totally random so far. Typically, there’s no need to re-upload the same video, as the videos will eventually clear (usually after a delay of several hours).

We are continuing to work on a resolution for this problem and hope to have it solved soon. This looks strictly like a code error of some kind, not a censorship attack on our platform by upstream providers.

In the mean time, YouTube is aggressively banning all videos that disagree with the official (false) narratives of the W.H.O. about the coronavirus. We welcome all those videos on Brighteon, so please spread the word that dissenting views on covid-19 will not be banned on Brighteon. (And the WHO is a communist-run criminal cartel of disinformation and official lies. We call it the World HELL Organization.)

We are getting hammered with new costs, by the way, as traffic is surging during the lockdowns. Our expenditures for bandwidth are skyrocketing, and we’re working on ways to promote the Brighteon Store to cover these increasing costs. I’ll have more details on that in an upcoming podcast update. But at the moment, we are once again having to subsidize the network, as ad revenues aren’t even coming close to covering the costs of the bandwidth. Such is the nature of economics when we don’t spy on our own users like YouTube and Facebook both do.

Stay strong. We can get through this together. I’ll have a new podcast update for you soon.

Thank you,

– Mike Adams, Founder,

Looking Forward

So don’t worry, these hiccups will be resolved, it does not effect you the end users, but it is hampering the time it takes me to prepare and publish the videos displayed on this blog.

However, time may be short, when videos can be safely uploaded to platforms like Brighteon, there may come a time soon, when access to these platforms are closed down, even access to this blog-site may be closed down. In the meantime, Big Gee’s Blog, will scour the internet for information. When a video on one of the censored platforms pops up we capture those videos that may be considered to be dangerous in exposing what is going on. Whilst they are on there – before the alogarithms target them, and they get removed, their content is captured, reproduced and then uploaded to a platform like Brighteon – the platform of my choice. It’s just that the process is more laborious at this end, whilst the problem on the streaming server lasts.

Have you thought why this action is being implemented? What are they afraid of? Simple, exposure of their lies and misinformation. The longer they can deceive and keep the public in the dark – the more the chance of them succeeding with their agenda. This will turn into a war of attrition between truth and lies.

Thank you for your continued support – in search of TRUTH



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