Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush . . . . 

They tried and tried to fool us into getting global injections (swine flu, avian flu, HIV, Ebola, zika etc. etc.) all were partial failures. Then they created the fear of death with a fake so-called Covid-19 ‘pandemic’. This time they had all the actors in place, including government leaders who were graduates of Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum’s future young global leaders academy. It is Schwab’s boast that they have been ‘penetrated’ into governments globally – he even boasted that in Canada, they had ‘penetrated’ (his own words) into at least 50% of that country’s cabinet. But the big difference this time was that the mainstream media were all aboard. ALL opposition to the official propaganda narrative was squashed through bizarre censorship. Voila! A seeming success.

The Winning Formula?

They assumed that they had found the key to their conundrum – huge swathes of the global population had been fooled and injected. However, as the truth emerged from alternative sources, backed up by tens of thousands of eminent scientists, researchers, doctors etc., there has been a huge awakening. So it was a time to change tack slightly – enter the distraction war in the Ukraine.

As the wheels started to come off the wagon – with respect to the Covid ‘scamdemic – attention flashed to eastern Europe, and another fear porn campaign. The public started panicking about a nuclear third world war. However, the propaganda started to fail again – as it became obvious that Ukraine, despite being fed huge amounts of war chest money and weapons were inevitably going to lose.

Time For Another Change In Focus

So here we go – a full circle around the mulberry bush – we now have another ‘scamdemic’ bearing down on us – the MONKEY POX! I did predict this was going to happen, and sure enough it’s manifested itself dead on schedule. The lull in focus on the Covid scamdemic, has caused many to enter into a phase of false security, both the fooled and propaganda hypnotised on the one hand and the wary on the other. This madness will not go away that easily, despite the apparent drawback by governments from lockdowns, face masks and distancing etc. The roll out of the deadly injections was stalling, as people woke up, and the data started confirming what the critical thinkers had suspected all along. People are dying and being maimed for life in the wake of poisonous injections. Many are becoming wise to the connection between ‘odd’ deaths and their coercion/ acceptance of forced injections.

The distraction war has allowed breathing space for the Cabal, to further wreck food supply chains, cause hunger and more war deaths, and of course the financial collapse – which is imminent. All neatly pinned and blamed on Russia. How convenient. And all pulled out of the hat with perfect timing.

These evil people are nothing if not predictable, their Achilles Heel is their lack of original, creative,  thinking ability. Once they think they have a winning formula, they repeat what they do over and over. That’s why they are now trying to resurrect the initial success they had with the Covid scamdemic. Will it work again with the Monkey Pox scamdemic and the reload of the deadly injections? I have a gut feeling that the situation may be different this time – I certainly hope so.

To make things easier this time, the World Health Organisation has come up with a medical power grab in the guise of The Future Pandemics Treaty. Please find out more HERE.

Revealing What’s Behind This Second Wave Of (supposed) ‘Viral’ Disease Attack

Amazing Polly

To understand what this Monkey Pox scare is really about, I implore you to view the BGB reproduced video below; it was originally created by Polly St. George (of Amazing Polly fame). Along with a handful of other extremely talented researchers, Polly is one of the best, with exceptional journalistic and presentation skills:




For more inside information on this subject please visit THIS ARTICLE by another phenomenal investigative journalist – Whitney Webb.

View all of BGB’s videos by visiting the BGB archive channels at:

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