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Don’t view this as a chore – it is vitally important for you to take less than half an hour of your time to make your government representative aware of how you want them to represent you in the World Health Organisations’ (WHO) proposed treaty to allow them to override your government’s decisions on health matters (i.e. pandemics) in the future.

By downloading the zipped folder to your device, you will have access to the letter template in multiple word processing formats, simply choose the one needed for your letter writing programme. Then just edit the letter to suit your details. It really is quite simple but REALLY important that we get this message out to all the politicians that are supposed to represent our interests. The truth of the matter is that a small percentage of them are compromised (like the ruling party’s cabinet) the rest are just as confused and under educated as the rest of the public in these matters – so they need to be directed and educated by the likes of you!

Help Is Urgently Required

You can not be blamed for allowing what is happening to slip under your radar. You have been exposed to so much information and propaganda that many of you are suffering from information fatigue, and may have switched off. However, ignoring the latest move, which is the most audacious power grab yet witnessed on behalf of the Cabal, by the WHO, is what will seal our fate in the near future. If this treaty is ratified by the governments who are in collusion with those implementing this power grab to centralise decisions of governments by the WHO, then a big leap forward  will have been achieved by those who are sworn to finalise the introduction of a New World Order (also marketed as The Great Reset’ or ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ by the likes of Klaus Schwab and his cronies at the World Economic Forum).

Objection to the proposed pandemic treaty of the World Health Organization

by Dr David Bell, MBBS, PhD


The proposed International Treaty on Pandemic Prevention and Preparedness builds on the growing reach of the International Health Regulations, in transferring more power to the World Health Organization (WHO) to declare emergencies and then require countries, under treaty obligations, to follow WHO instructions.

The WHO is a branch of the United Nations, set up in the late 1940s to support countries in managing various aspects of health. It was intended to be subject to control by member states, taking its instructions from the World Health Assembly which is made up of health ministers of member states. However, although it was originally funded by member states, it has become increasingly dependent on funding from private foundations, and corporations, particularly those heavily involved in, or invested in, the pharmaceutical industry.

In parallel with the increase in private funding, the WHO’s focus has shifted increasingly from community-based interventions to pharmaceutical-based interventions. Sister-organisations tied closely to the WHO, including the Gavi Alliance and Cepi, are also concentrated almost solely on pharmaceutical approaches. Like the WHO, they are also partly funded by tax-payers through aid budgets but heavily influenced by Pharma.

WHO staff are recruited according to national quotas, technical qualification but also personal networks. The Director-General is appointed by the vote of the health ministers, subject to international lobbying, every 4 years. As WHO staff receive relatively high rates of pay and benefits for the health sector, many spend the bulk of their career in the organization and so gain minimal external experience.

While the WHO itself has noted that pandemics are rare, recognising only 4 in the 120 years before 2020, Cepi is devoted entirely to pandemics. Funding within the WHO has also shifted increasingly toward a pandemic focus, with an emphasis on pharmaceutical (vaccine) approaches. A permanent international industry has been developed, at considerable cost, to deal with a rare problem that now depends on the declaration of new ‘pandemics’ to justify its existence.

In the context of Covid-19, it is clear that vaccine-based interventions are having a limited impact on overall outcomes, while other unprecedented interventions promoted by the WHO, against their own former pandemic guidance, have had major negative impacts on all aspects of society, including economies (massively increasing poverty), healthcare and education.

This proposed treaty raises a number of fundamental concerns that we believe should lead to its immediate abandonment:

1. Countries (people) will lose sovereignty over major aspects of daily life to unelected international bureaucrats, who are subject to significant conflicts of interest from private individuals and industry.

2. These WHO bureaucrats will decide on the criteria for and timing of such take-overs.

3. The track record of the WHO in managing international outbreaks is poor. It is inherently dangerous to delegate control over complex issues that heavily impact the economy, society and public health to individuals in a distant location with no community or relevant national affiliations, and no direct stake in the outcomes.

4. Such centralization is contrary to the fundamental pillars of community-based, locally organised healthcare, and antithetical to the principles of individual rights and autonomy upon which the WHO’s constitution is based.

5. The increasing emphasis on pandemics instead of on the actual major causes of human illness and mortality is inappropriate, and the diversion of funds and activity will have hugely negative impacts on overall population and individual health.

The world needs international forums for sharing data, for concentrating technical expertise to support countries lacking these and to facilitate discussions between countries concerning health issues, including emergencies. Such organisations must be in service of member countries and their people, not act as unelected authorities, funded and influenced by conflicted, non-national interests that attempt to direct and control the lives of free citizens.

Don’t delay by putting this off to another time. Click on the download button RIGHT NOW! To get your letter template. Thank you in advance – it really is much appreciated.

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