The War In Ukraine

Fluctuating historical borders

As pointed out in previous posts and in the second episode of the G&O show videocast, BGB believes that the ‘phoney’ war in Ukraine is probably a stage-managed distraction from the evil Covid madness. The official narrative around Covid is breaking down – the wheels are coming off the cart big style. As an increasing amount of data is being forced out into the open, no amount of censorship by the parties involved in this genocidal attempt can keep the cat in the bag. To stem what is happening, and slow down the number of people who are waking up in droves, a new strategy has come into play – everyone’s attention is being directed to the manufactured war in eastern Europe.

Who’s Who And What’s What In This War?

No point denying it – it’s in full view – but not reported

Western propaganda would have us believe that poor, innocent little Ukraine is the victim of a big bully state, that has attacked it for no reason, apart from augmenting an expansionist agenda. Nothing is revealed about the events that have led up to this war, even less is divulged about events leading up to the flashpoint, and the average ‘Joe Normie’ is totally devoid of any knowledge about the history of the two countries involved. This war is not straightforward, much is hidden from view.

Nothing is mentioned in the propaganda of the western governments, or by their paid mouthpieces – the mainstream media – just the mantra “Putin Bad!“. The actual key is the constant attacks on civilian, Russian speaking,  Donetsk and Luhansk regions — collectively known as the Donbas — by Ukrainian nationalists secretly supported by the Ukrainian government. These regions are in eastern Ukraine, on the border with Russia. The region comprises of both Kyiv-controlled parts as well as separatist-controlled areas. Quite a long standing mess.


It hinges on the Minsk 1 & 2 treaties – the 2015 Minsk Agreement between Kyiv and Moscow was supposedly to end the long, ongoing conflict. Ukraine, for nearly a decade failed to uphold the treaty, by systematically shelling and terrorising innocent, civilian areas of the Donbas. After ignoring Russian threats that they would militarily stop the conflict, Russia made good on it’s threat on February the 24th this year. Putin has said he is going to ‘denazify’ the Ukraine. Few in the west realise that there has been a Nazi influence in the Ukraine, via the Azov battalion mostly, that has it’s roots as far back as the second world war. Some Ukrainians fought on the Nazi side during WW2. Russia lost about 27 million in the war against Nazi Germany. Tolerating Nazis on it’s borders today is hardly something they would take lightly.

Then you have the huge provocation of NATO – led predominantly by the US and the UK. NATO has consistently crept nearer to the Russian borders in recent decades. NATO troops are now camped around the Russian borders and are seen – quite rightly – by the Russians as a direct threat to the Federation.

More Complicated Still

The Siren’s Song

In mythology the song of sirens (mermaids) lures sailors to their death on the rocks. We’ve been listening to a siren song for two long years, as a great number have been lured into the trap of listening to lies and misinformation by the governments and the mainstream media regarding what is also a myth – that we’ve suffered a deadly virus attack in the guise of a pandemic.

We are now being lured on to rocks in eastern Europe. So there’s another dimension to this phoney war, and many are now convinced that Putin is in on the New World Order plot, I tend to think so myself. Time will tell. One thing is for sure – it’s a wonderful distraction from the hoax Covid scam.

In the meantime, here is a BGB produced video that may make the scales drop from the eyes of some of those amongst the public; those who are gullible, trusting and totally married into the propaganda, via their beloved government, the BBC and other bogus news outlets.



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