A Needle In A Haystack

Finding a statutes court that isn’t compromised and a judge that isn’t biased in the jurisdiction of what now passes as a justice based legal system is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Will Dr. David Martin, with his cartload of evidence succeed in getting the president of the US into the dock? It seems unlikely, but he’s giving it his best shot, as the video below demonstrates.

When it comes to restoring justice, it is more likely that a Common Law court – a court of the people – would be more likely to succeed, but we’ll see.

One thing is for sure, there is enough evidence to commit the evil doers, the problem is our dependence on a judicial system that has been bought and paid for by the Cabal in advance of this current crisis. However we wish Dr. Martin every success. One thing is for sure, the net is closing in from all angles on those who have attempted to wipe out the majority of mankind.

What Is Needed?

As many legal observers have by now commented, the way to gain justice is to establish a parallel judicial system, within the current system. One of the leading attorneys at law – Dr. Reiner Fuellmich has publicly said this. As someone who has been working with hundreds of lawyers across the globe, in an attempt to bring those who have attacked humanity over the last two years to court to pay for their deeds, he is well placed to make such a statement.

At the start of his legal campaign, that culminated in the Grand Jury exercise, he expected to be able to take his lawsuits to be tried in the current judicial system. What he’s discovered is that the chances of finding a court and an unbiased judge that are not compromised is virtually impossible. Consequently, he’s had a change of heart. It has now dawned on him that the only avenue open to get justice is via the Common Law avenue.

The public don’t realise that any significant group of people who convene a Common Law court – assuming they have a venue, have all the court personnel in place, including a jury and appointed court sheriffs with power to execute court warrants, then such a court has full power to execute justice on behalf of ‘We The People’.

The statutes courts that are most prevalent in the land are based on the law of the sea, Common Law supersedes all other courts, as it has it’s roots and gains it’s authority from common/universal/natural law.

How successful Dr. David Martin will be with his lawsuit – heard in a statutes court – remains to be seen. He would stand a better chance in a Common Law court in my opinion – in an environment that would be in parallel to the existing corrupt corporate based statutes court jurisdiction.

Here is one good example of why you can not depend on the current ‘legal’ system to bring justice. It is also why I’m sceptical of whether great researchers like Dr. David Martin may not be able to dodge the prejudice and paid judgments of corrupt judges, who have the power of the ‘system’ behind them:

The way forward is to set-up the jurisdictions of Common Law Courts, established by The People themselves. 

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