So You Think The Genocide Plan Is Over?

Sorry to pile on the agony – these are the provable facts:

  1. We had the hoax plannedemic, designed to lead us in fear to the mRNA death jabs;
  2. Many have died or been maimed for life – depending on which batch they were injected with;
  3. The people (although a bit late), started to wake up;
  4. When the awakening turned the tide on the evil Cabal they cooked up a distraction;
  5. Now we have a phoney war which has distracted everyone’s attention away from the last two years of pain;
  6. The ace card is still up their sleeve – 5G

When the lockdowns came into force and everyone was out of sight under house arrest, there was an explosion of activity to get 5G antennas up. Teams of installers were working round the clock, putting the 5G aerials up every 150 metres on lampposts, trees and anything else they they could attach them to. Elon Musk was firing  thousands of low orbit 5G satellites into space, to communicate with the 5G masts. And many thought the whole purpose was to enable you to download your favourite videos a few seconds quicker. Silly, silly people. How easily they are fooled by the lies, [that all they care about is you]. In the same way, masses of people still think that the governments care intensely about the people. The evidence is all there, but it’s ignored. The truth is, these people view you as cattle – their chattels.

A Humorous Video – With a DEADLY Message:

We know by now that some of the injections contained graphene oxide, a highly poisonous substance when dispersed into the bloodstream of a human, along with self assembling Nano-particle ‘bots’. That is an established fact verified by independent labs. 5G at certain frequencies can interact with graphene oxide and Nano-particles. Sites of injections have been proven to become magnetic. IP addresses are picked up from humans who have been injected. We know there’s an agenda to perfect transhumanism, again with Elon Musk at the forefront of the development of this transhuman technology with his company called Neurolink.

The common denominator in all of this is 5G.

So PLEASE don’t forget what the implications are.

A hoax pandemic that forces injections on all people of the earth, the AI agenda, the medical toxicity of the injections and of course the multi level capabilities of 5G  forms the complete package. Keep awake and don’t get distracted from what is going on at all levels in this war against humanity. It’s far from over yet.

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