Well, That Depends On How The Consensus Is Arrived At

Personally, I believe that a true consensus is a good thing. However, it depends on how that consensus is arrived at.

Points to be considered:

  • Who declares that something is a true consensus?
  • Have ALL the arguments for and against been equally aired?
  • Has there been sufficient debate from all sources?
  • Has the debate been equally heard with all sides having an equal input into it?
  • Have all arguments been properly and sufficiently supported by facts and evidence of validity?
  • Have all arguments been equally promoted if so, by whom?
  • Has there been unfair influence on the consensus by any third parties?
  • Are all parties in the debate free of outside influence or declared interests?
  • Are all promoters of the arguments on both sides free of the influence of research grant money?
  • Do the scientists involved have any connection with political agendas?
  •   Do the scientists involved have any connection with corporate bodies – like big Pharna?
  • Do the mainstream media outlets who declare a ‘consensus’ receive any financial support from third parties? E.g. the 53 million that the BBC receives from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation?

If all the above is in order, then a genuine consensus is acceptable, unless further research refutes the findings of the consensus.

Science should always be a progressive process.

Much of the accepted science of old has been refuted over time, and has changed a lot of past consensuses. The barrier to this ever evolving process, has since the early 20th century, been the hurdle of interception of this process by corporate third parties who stand to lose by allowing enlightenment to progress.

A classic example is the burying of the Terrain Theory, in preference to the extremely flawed Germ Theory forwarded by the proven fraudulent and plagiaristic work of the chemist Louis Pasteur. Both Big Pharma and the Rockefeller’s allopathic medicine regime, and their influence on the curriculum of all medical schools have systematically adopted the Pasteurian theory of germs (making it a ‘consensus’) whilst blatantly burying the work of a greater scientific and medical theory, properly put forward by the brilliant and untainted Prof. Antoine Béchamp. More information on that subject can be obtained by clicking on the button below:

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When ‘Consensus’ Is Hijacked

 Unfortunately, in our modern age, the very term ‘consensus’ has been adulterated. Political narrative, rather than proven science is the driving force behind what is projected as a closed argument by the mainstream media. Broadcasters like the BBC have now gone a step further. They disallow any discussion on topics like man-made climate warming or Covid-19. They brazenly and unashamedly blackout any discussion or debate that goes contrary to government/ globalist elites narrative. They refuse to have a balanced debate. Instead they propagandise the public with their version of a consensus. The unwary public believe the propaganda and pick up the baton. The result is that a large swathe of the population carry around the idea in their heads that only a few oddballs have got it wrong. This is because the public have swallowed the official narrative that there is a consensus among eminent scientist – there isn’t. That of course is a deceitful and blatant lie. In fact the weight of scientific evidence is on the side of those outside the fake consensus – but you’ll never hear their voices – it’s drowned out or viciously censored.

Gathering Evidence

  On the matter of gathering evidence and proof of failures, below is an embedded PDF document that contains evidence we have gathered, which totally defeats the official narrative when it comes to the fraudulent hoax, labelled Covid-19. But of course the ‘consensus’ speaks otherwise, with a pitiful display of documentary evidence and proof of claims. In fact they have virtually nothing to back up their pronouncements, instead silencing the evidence provided by the other side. Here is overwhelming evidence and proof that shatters the official narrative that props up the fraud that has been perpetrated against humanity.


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