The Chilling Truth – We Are Now Allowing The Evil Ones To Slaughter Our Children

For those reading this, who are not aware of who Moloch was – here’s a brief explanation.

Moloch (also referred to as Molech is a representative of Baal) was a god deity worshipped by the ancient Ammonites among other nations of Canaan. One of the disgusting, depraved and evil things the worshipers of this dark god were expected to do was to throw their children (as a sacrifice) into a big fire that burnt in the lap of a huge stone or bronze statue for the veneration of this satanic cult god. You can dismiss it as ridiculous myth, but the reality is that the Ammonites DID worship a god called Moloch. What’s more, he was also worshiped by the Khazars who later became known as the Ashkenazi. A previous post on BGB explains all this – by clicking on the button below, you can see that article:

Why Mention This Here?

Simply to draw a comparison with the custom of sacrificing children by throwing them into the  fire of Moloch as a sacrifice – under the influence of a powerful cult – and the parallel of injecting our children today, many of whom will – as a consequence – die or become extremely sick in the future, as is currently being witnessed. Once again, this time, under the guise of a cult belief; a cult belief system that has convinced people that vaccines are the ‘cure all’ for disease, and no one must question that belief. We are seeing glaring similarities with what transpired thousands of years ago. In the ancient past, the worship of Moloch and the sacrifice demanded, was seen as a necessary action to appease the ruler of darkness, and to gain rewards for their loyalty and perceived zeal for their cult belief system. Today, we are expected to appease a similar force, to be rewarded with the return of our rights and freedoms. Same horse just a new jockey.

People the world over have been duped into a cult-like belief regarding vaccination, and are now being asked to sacrifice their children on a similar alter to the ancient one. This time it’s worse, because they don’t immediately see their children perish in flames. Instead, they are killed in a different fashion, simply to help psychopaths achieve their goal of culling the human population of the earth. In other words a mass genocide. Realisation of what was happening was obvious in ancient times, this time the penny will not drop regarding what parents are inadvertently doing until it’s too late.

How Much Cruelty And Misery Can We Tolerate?

Whether you believe the lying and deceitful narrative of the governments, their bought and paid for pseudo science ”health experts” or the mainstream media that has welded you into their propaganda; or you’ve come to realise what is the real truth through due diligence and serious research; we should ALL be appalled at the death of a single child through medical negligence, that death should appal us a million times more if it was done on purpose and a million times more again if it was a part of a culling agenda – i.e. a genocide programme unparalleled in the history of mankind. To see children and young adults die as a consequence of an injection designed to maim and kill humans should send a shiver up our spines and sicken us to the core.

The Vaccination Cult Belief System – Only Mad People Would Say Anything Against It

Really?  Incredibly, vast swathes of the public are still convinced that the  Covid-19 mRNA gene altering jabs (not a vaccine incidentally) are safe and effective. I can hear any fully mass media duped reader of this article say:

All medical experts believe in a vaccine therapy and support it”.

Not true actually. There are tens (probably hundreds by now), of thousands of prominent experts around the world who beg to differ:

Tens of thousands of doctors, professors, scientists and medical academics echo the voices of those professionals featured in the above video, those same voices are silenced by censorship. Many  uninformed medical staff are still ignorant of the facts and are sailing full speed ahead in a vaccine programme that has nefarious reasons for it’s roll-out. Worse still they are fully indoctrinated into the cult like belief system that ‘vaccines’ prevent illness, and act as a synthetic immunity against illness. Nothing could be further from the truth. Most recipients of the injections are freely presenting themselves for inoculation in fear, thanks to the official narrative pumped out by the mass mainstream media. Not one of of those jabbed have given INFORMED consent to be injected, because they have not been informed. The pharmaceutical companies refuse to disclose a full list of the ingredients in their injections.

What Is The Evidence That Vaccines Work?

Historically, injections in the form of vaccines actually cause illness, as amply proven by past inoculation programmes during World War 1 (most of the victims of the so-called ‘Spanish Flu’ had been injected against common trench diseases like cholera and diphtheria), also smallpox and later the polio epidemic of the 50s – that was the result of the maniacal use of the pesticide DDT. When a so called polio vaccine was introduced it was hailed as the saviour, but by then polio had been reduced to insignificant levels, by the retraction of DDT from the market – only to be followed by a second wave following the panic driven polio vaccination programme, which actually caused an enhancement at that time of the neurological disease they labelled as a virus induced polio.

This is not just an historical event, a mass break-out of polio has been observed in sub Saharan Africa and other third world countries like India and the Philippines, where the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation had been experimenting with polio vaccines. They were thrown out of India and the Philippines filed lawsuits against them for their devious programme’s mass death rate outcomes. And people still accept the narrative about the safety and efficacy of vaccines? I think it says something about the level of ignorance amongst the human race – sad, but true unfortunately. They have become brainwashed automatons, that believe anything the authorities tell them and worse still, believe those  authorities are a source of knowledge and expertise, with the wellbeing of  the public as the most important factor in their illogical diktats. That is a fallacy, and a a very provable lie.

All of this vaccination madness has it’s roots in the flawed and fraudulent results of Louis Pasteur’s experiments. His experimental vaccination programmes for anthrax and rabies – to name but two – have been proven to CAUSE disease rather than prevent it. Thousands of animals and humans died as a result of his ridiculous germ theory, later applied to viruses. Those in ultimate control have swept that information under the carpet. It is readily available though, and takes very little time to research. Do your research before you or your children are dragged into this net of inoculation compulsion, based on lies, fraud and fear of death. The ironic and tragic  thing is, that this Covid injection is in fact a bio-weapon, actually designed TO kill!

A Recommended Book.

Please click on the above image to view at The Book Depository

I will not go down the Terrain vs. Germ Theory trail here. However this  exceptionally informative book written by Dawn Lester and David Parker, following a decade of research, is a must read for converts to the truth and remaining sceptics alike. If you still think after reading this far, that this is the product of conspiracy theorists I would recommend you keep taking the tablets for your cognitive dissonance, and if it gets worse, see a good psychiatrist! Perhaps now would be a good time for you to leave – before viewing the video below.

The book is hefty in size (around 800 pages from memory), but the content is not difficult to follow, due to the easy reading way it’s been written. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to see and understand the whole picture, rather than the narrow and flawed view that is projected by the allopathic pills, potions and injections  mob, that they are shamelessly dishing out to the public, thanks to the influence of Big Pharma and the Rockefeller funded and controlled medical schools.

More Truths From The Doctor

You don’t have to rely on or believe me when it comes to these issues. I’m not qualified in the medical field, I’m a retired electronics engineer, but I am totally competent to research and analyse the results of my research. I also suffer badly from something called CS (common sense) a very rare condition in today’s world!

Instead, perhaps you would be more inclined to listen to the comments of a qualified doctor, with over 50 years of experience, after all what is the mantra of doctors?

Trust me – I’m a doctor!”


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