The Light Gets Brighter . . . 

As time progresses, the actual ingredients of the gene therapy experimental injections are being revealed, and it’s a REAL horror story of proportions that has stunned the most critical thinkers on the planet. It is so outrageous that people’s cognitive dissonance refuses to let them believe what is going on.

Various research teams and foremost experts in the fields of science, microscopy and medicine are conducting analysis of the contents of the vials, and it’s heart-breaking to discover what they are coming up with.

Not content with using highly toxic ingredients like: Graphene oxide, Aluminium, Cadmium Selenide, Stainless Steel, LNP-GO Capsids and even Parasites, variously found in four COVID ‘vaccines’  by Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, they also include strand of mRNA that produces a spike protein in our cells, they also use the cells from aborted foetuses:

Whether you’re a ‘pro life’ person who is disgusted by the murdering of unborn babies (which incidentally I am very much against), anyone with an ounce of humanity about them should be disgusted at the thought of using aborted foetal material injected into your body. The problem is of course, crass ignorance of what is happening and a low level of educational knowledge in these matters, which you don’t have access to if your main source of information is the mainstream (propaganda) media whose main function is to keep you in the dark.

The Other Incredible Ingredients

A team of scientists have confirmed the presence of toxins Graphene, Aluminium, Cadmium Selenide, Stainless Steel, LNP-GO Capsids, Parasites, and other toxins in four COVID Vaccines from Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, and Johnson & Johnson

This is an absolute bombshell and reveals in a major way what is in the vaccines, with the use of electron and other kinds of microscopy from original research by Dr. Robert Young and his team, confirming what the La Quinta Columna researchers found—toxic nanometallic content with cytotoxic and genotoxic effects as well as an identified parasite.

Here is more information from Dr. Robert O. Young himself (information about the ‘vaccine contents starts at around 47 minutes into the video):

And here is a report by Dr. Young:


Enough to make your toes curl in disgust, but still the innocent and ignorant keep on rolling up their sleeves, oblivious to the dangers they face. And now they’re coming for the most innocent of all in society – our children. Anyone not realising the satanic implications of this inhuman genocidal attack cannot have an ounce of humanity left in them – it is getting past the point of saying “I didn’t know” or “I didn’t realise” it’s all out there in front of our noses – THERE IS NO EXCUSE.

Further Information

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