Salvation May Start Where We Supposedly Started As A Species

Sometimes referred to as “The Dark Continent”

When it comes to a possible start to the fall of the (henchmen) dominoes of the Cabal, this continent could, very possibly, be the ‘dark horse’ when it comes to the eventual justice that WILL be meted out to those who have attempted genocide against our human race.

Not Alone

There are brilliant legal brains at work on all continents. It is only a matter of time before the breakthrough comes. However, our brothers and sisters in South Africa have jumped to the head of the queue. We don’t hear much from this continent in the Covid-19 hoax pandemic context, but make no mistake, they have been doing their homework, and get top marks.

They have managed to file a crucial lawsuit in the highest court of their land – the Constitutional Court of South Africa. The defendants will be the president, the government and even more tellingly the reserve bank of South Africa – this is a key element. If successful, the bank will be liquidated, those in charge punished, with the assets returned to the people of South Africa. This is an incredible leap in the right direction, and should raise the hearts of all of us who have been reporting on the evil that has exploded on the world scene in the last eighteen months.


In the BGB reproduced video below, you will get the full details from the spokesman for the team that have brought about this incredible feat:



We shouldn’t get ahead of ourselves, but to get this lawsuit filed in the top court of the land in South Africa is one hell of a start. It seems that they have boiled down the core problems that form the basis of this action into a very simple, potent and compact argument. We eagerly look forward to the result when the action is heard (assuming the majority of us survive to that time).

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