We Can’t Say We Weren’t Warned In Good Time

Tens of thousands of eminent world leading doctors, scientists and professional medical researchers, have been desperately warning us of what the future holds for us, if we are foolish enough to listen to government and mainstream media (MSM) propaganda, bought and paid for by the Cabal’s henchmen and heavily lobbied by Big Pharma. It is a real conspiracy that is viewed as science fiction by the closed minded, gullible, public, who can’t come to terms with the fact that they have been lied to and duped.

However it is a reality, too incredible for people to comprehend and they shy away from it – but the evidence is all there – tons of it – worthy of the most far flung sci-fi novel that can be imagined  If we only listen,  view and rely – for our news and information on MSM – then we will have a false. perceived reality of what is actually going on. That’s the science fiction.

Genocide is being committed right under our noses, whilst the MSM pump out their fearmongering propaganda and lies, telling us to look another way. The genuine experts who are desperately pleading for the public to wake up are viciously censored, blacked out from MSM news and are locked out of any debate. This is what passes for democracy and free speech in today’s world, and the majority are blissfully going along with it.

What Two Top Doctors Have Said.

Both are retired, so have more freedom to express the truth; both have impeccable reputations and are considered to be the most globally eminent in their fields. Thousands of others have been suspended or had their licenses removed for saying the same thing, or are blackmailed and bullied into silence.

We should be taking heed, but sadly these warnings are not circulated by the main media sources – including social media, that is being swamped by trolls and the likes of the 77th Brigade, whose task it is to silence anyone who dares go against the official narrative. Google, YouTube and Facebook to name a few are intensely censoring everything through the use of algorithms to filter out those who are warning others and trying to get the truth out there.

Dr, Mike Yeadon

Is a former vice president of Pfizer, their CEO and Chief Medical Officer. For more information click HERE | HERE & HERE

He has been extremely vocal in his concern about what is going on, and the way the public are marching like lemmings towards the cliff edge of genocide.

He has likened the vision of our future – unless we act soon – as

WE Are Staring At The Gates of HELL”

It doesn’t get much starker than that.

Here is another  quote from Dr. Yeadon:

Prof. Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi 

Is the most cited German virologist in German medical history. Listen to one of his interviews:

Here is a recent quote from him:

I know that a ‘vaccine’ against COVID-19 is bound to fail. If you go along these lines you are going to go to your doom. The permission to use this ‘vaccine’ is criminal. This world is being turned into an animal experiment.”

Both of these doctors point to the agenda of genocide, by a small group of people, who through their unimaginable wealth, control and influence plan to reduce the world’s population by about 90% down to a mere 500 million (this has been openly stated by the likes of Bill Gates, Henry Kissinger & Klaus Schwab – the head of the World Economic Forum).

If you don’t take heed of what these leading world experts like Dr. Yeadon and Prof. Bhakdi have to say, then you are also implicated in the   sentencing of the whole of humanity to a fate worse than death. If these statements don’t move you, then you seriously need to see a psychiatrist to treat you for cognitive dissonance.

Vaccine Deaths Report

I have been sent a report from David John Sorensen (stopworldcontrol.com). To say it is sobering is an understatement. Along with Dr. Vladimir Zolenko they have compiled a report of the number of deaths and serious injuries caused to date by the mRNA injections. I suggest you read through it, and then download it and distribute it to everyone you know. Here is an embedded copy:


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