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Reading correspondence can be a bit taxing on people’s attention span – we understand that; consequently the work we undertake on that front can be overlooked by visitors to the site, as it can be a bit of a job to keep up to running speed for the reader.

It is also work that can be irksome for BGB at times! As anyone who has indulged in letter writing to officialdom will be acutely aware. They are experts at giving you the run-around, give gibberish answers to specific questions – or they simply ignore you – in the hope that you’ll give up and go away. This has very much been the case during this false pandemic period. The questions asked are like fire on their skins, primarily because they need excuses, as they don’t have answers, and it’s quite a task for them to return with feasible bull faeces!

Politicians are an added burden, they are, on the whole totally in the fog. Their ignorance of the subject material is breath-taking, hence the need to educate them about the truth regarding this big Cabal influenced scam. Their source of information is from (so-called) hand-picked experts. Their other source is the mainstream media, bought and paid for by the corporate elites who are conducting this attack on humanity. Consequently, many MPs are in the same boat as the hypnotised masses. Higher ranking government ministers are however totally in on the scam and take their orders from a central global source that hides in the shadows; we only see the machinations of their henchmen, sprinkled throughout the governments of the world. Back bench MPs in the UK have been frozen out of parliamentary decision making, the ‘Government’ is now a small circle of dictatorial tyrants enjoying the power freedom extended to them via a phoney emergency act that was waved through parliament without a debate or any scrutiny!

So, it’s often a case of banging one’s head against a brick wall. However persistence is the key and is eventually rewarded.

BGB has been tirelessly corresponding with all levels of government, their departments, organisations and influential individuals for about eighteen months. A great debt of appreciation for this aspect of our work is down to our ‘correspondence editor’ – Wynne Jones, whose tenacity and persistence is becoming legendary.

It’s not just a case of making written enquiries and freedom of information requests etc. and publishing them, along with the recipients’ eventual and final responses. In between there’s a stream of correspondence that we do not publish, like reminder letters that is a constant flow that we bombard the ones who try and ignore us with. Eventually they relent and respond – nagging DOES work!


Here is an example of a long term series of letters that we have sent to the Cabinet Office, each one followed up by monthly reminders. We have been totally ignored, but eventually the pressure gets too much and they are forced to acknowledge us.



This e-mail thread shows that they do eventually start to take us seriously, but it’s often a heavy slog and a long wait!



So as you can see writing letters and persistence does work.

Strength In Numbers

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Don’t think that this is a task for the likes of BGB or UK Column News or similar people alone.

Another factor is the number of letters received from as many people as possible. Please put your shoulder to the wheel, and get writing yourself.

If you’re a bit hesitant about what to write, a letter temple has been prepared for you. Download it in your preferred format and edit it to suit your needs. The more pressure we can apply, the sooner this evil fiasco will be over.

Thank you all for your appreciated help. The biggest oceans in the world are made up of tiny drops, but put together they are a mighty force. Remember that those who wish to impose their will on us are the 1% of the 1% of the world’s population, WE are the 99% – we just need to forget our divisions and get together and act in unison if we are to save our species on this planet.

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