Exciting Things On The Legal Front

It’s a nice change to bring you some encouraging and uplifting information.

Court cases are being won in many countries by now. The sham that was fed to the public via governments and the their poodles – the mainstream (false) news media, regarding a hoax pandemic is crumbling before our eyes.

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich is progressing nicely with his big cases, that’s going to ring the death knell and bring the curtain down on the evil show planned by the Cabal from before Noah was in short trousers!

Meanwhile others are getting surprising judgements passed down, and the key is to ask what documentary, scientific evidence is there to prove that the so called ‘virus’ has been separated, isolated, identified and it’s genome properly sequenced – without the use of computer modelling. In fact no virus has EVER been isolated and identified, but we won’t go down that track here.

Patrick King took on the ‘Covid Hoax’ Government in Alberta, and Won

Patrick King, a Canadian father and protester was taken to court in Alberta, Canada with a 1,200 Dollar fine for breaking Covid restrictions. As part of his defence he asked for proof that the Covid virus actually exists. The prosecution and medical authorities could not supply physical proof that the virus exists. It has never been isolated.

Alberta is now going to open up, and end all tyrannical Covid mandates, including mask mandates in schools and elsewhere. This court decision is earth-quaking, and will serve as a precedent for other future hearings. Alberta Province has certainly been shaken up, and as a consequence they have withdrawn all their Covid related mandates. You simply can’t make mandates and punish people for not complying if you have absolutely NO evidence that a SARS Cov-2 virus exists!


The video below is a BGB two part compilation of two original videos. One is an address given by Dr. Fuellmich on a big screen recently to the protest crowd in Trafalgar Square, London.

The second part is an interview by Stew Peters with Patrick King, who although he is not a qualified lawyer, represented himself in an Alberta courtroom and floored the government representatives there. They have now gone away with their tails between their legs, and the provincial government has backed down completely when it comes to their tyrannical mandates.

The tide HAS turned thanks to the efforts of people that ”THEY’ definitely should not have underestimated! Try as they may with propaganda, lies, fraud, corruption & censorship – the people in the end have the power – and if enough of them wake up from their brainwashed stupor, hear the truth and realise they have been duped, then the game is over for the Cabal. We should be grateful to the army of people who have pushed back and worked hard to bring the truth to the masses. That includes all the documentary and video producers, along with sites that have kept people abreast with development – including BGB.

The only troubling thing is, that ‘THEIR’ goal of getting the whole of earth’s human inhabitants injected with their ‘death jab’ may have already caused horrific consequences, that will reach far into the future. It needs to be stopped NOW – before the damage is too great to rectify. The whole hoax pandemic was a stepping stone in their plan to get their death dealing inoculations into as many people as they could. It’s failing, hence their panic to push these injections to be implemented as widely as possible, as their time is short, and they realise it. Be prepared for the desperate measures they will go to in their dying throes. A wounded animal is always the most dangerous.


As well as the above video, I’d like to mirror and publish a recent video documentary by someone who is new to the task, but has produced a fantastic documentary on his first attempt entitled ‘COVID-19 Does Not Exist’. It’s a  documentary by Sheik Murah. It goes through the whole hoax, that dates back to the sixties (where he starts his historic review). Many times they’ve attempted it, but failed – it fizzled out. However the Cabal learns from it’s mistakes and in 2019/ 2020 they hit the jackpot, BUT they still haven’t perfected the scam, they will have caused more damage, and got further with their plan this time, but, it looks very much as if they are rapidly facing exposure. The trouble is they have invested so much time and money that they won’t let go of the bone very easily.

Here is Sheik Murah’s documentary video. But be warned, it is very long. I suggest you watch it in bite sized chunks. To do that simply use the ‘Bookmark’ icon below and return to it as and when you have the time.

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