A Trilogy Of Videos

Not too many words from me in this post. Just three BGB reproduced videos; to give you a clearer view of what’s happening at different levels.

1. Follow The Science:

This first video is a documentary by Mark Hallett titled ‘Follow The Science?’ It maps out the development of the hoax pandemic narrative from 2019 to the present. With clips of what the pseudo science mob have said, their retractions, their lies and more importantly comments by the world’s genuine, principled and brave, recognised leaders in their scientific fields. The evidence of a fraud is overwhelming.

2. Monopoly – When You Hold ALL The Card:

Secondly, here is a video titled ‘Monopoly – A Forensic Review Of The Great Reset’. How many foundations own and rule EVERYTHING in this world? Be prepared to be surprised as this forensic investigation connects the economic dots for you. It is also the same group that is aiming for the Great Reset.

3. So Over Coronavirus:

And finally, the last word goes to one of my favourite researchers – Polly St. George (Amazing Polly) from Canada; along with others I follow – and you should – like James Corbett of The Corbett Report they do a fantastic job. In this video Polly puts her capstone on the Covid-19 scam. Her incredible work rate in turning over every stone is truly  phenomenal. Over and over, her investigative work has been proven to be so accurate and stunningly revealing over the years.

Expecting any site visitor to sit down and absorb three videos in one session is a big ask! Can I suggest that you view as much as you can, and when tiredness or boredom may set in and your concentration powers wane – why not click on your personal ‘Bookmark’ icon at the foot of this article? So rather than abandon what you haven’t seen, you can return later, and click the ‘Your Bookmarks’ tab in the main menu at the top of the page to revisit the page you bookmarked earlier to take up where you left off.

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