Dr. Michael Yeadon PhD

Is a leading, renowned scientist who worked for Big Pharma for over thirty years. A retired former CEO, Chief Scientist and to cap it all a past Vice President of Pfizer.

Now you don’t need to listen to the likes of BGB, for fear that you may think I’m a tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist with a vivid imagination – which incidentally I’m not, and never have been – I deal in researched facts only. But it’s a very ‘yesterday’ slur from the sixties, by many mainstream media watching conformists, who do absolutely no research of their own and believe everything they are fed by the mainstream media (MSM), to dodge having to debate anything, and to escape the risk of being seen as a closed minded, ‘statist’ chump! If being open minded, curious, a questioner and someone who is proud to be a critical thinker who doesn’t take ANYTHING that ANYONE says at face value – regardless of their perceived status – then I’ll gladly go along with the tag of ‘conspiracy theorist‘. Guilty as charged! Do the likes of Dr. Yeadon fall into the same category? Facts and scientific evidence always trump beliefs, which are more like a blind adherence to a religious cult – without challenge.

Courtesy of the film ‘Dumb and Dumber’ (1994)

So instead perhaps, you’ll listen and believe Dr. Yeadon – unless you’re a real dyed in the wool chump, and think he’s a conspiracy theorist as well!

The Full Interview

Let Dr. Michael Yeadon explain the rest – in detail – in this BGB reproduced full interview video below. This  good and principled PhD qualified doctor from the pharmaceutical industry is at the end of his tether – regarding what has been happening over the last year and a half, but planned a very long time ago. Hence the reason that he solemnly and seriously says that unless we, the people, do something to stop this genocidal attack on humanity very quickly, in the VERY near future, then we will be staring at the gates of Hell.

Whether your personal religious doctrines teach you about Hell or not (personally, I’m a non religious person and don’t believe in a literal Hell as depicted by man made religions – although I would describe myself as deeply spiritual in the wider context), what is meant by ‘Gates of Hell’ by Dr. Yeadon is a post current ‘pandemic’ existence that would be worse than death, whether here or elsewhere in another realm – depending on your beliefs. What is a definite given is that the mRNA injections are certainly not about treatment of a fake/phantom virus. People are going to be suffering and REALLY dropping dead in the streets, either shortly after receiving the death jabs or up to years afterwards. It’s what’s called a ‘soft genocide’. If everyone dropped dead or suffered permanent debilitating effects immediately after getting a jab the game would be up; with this technique it will be more difficult to pin it on a certain categoric cause. And there’s always the ‘variant’ factor to blame for deaths in the future – rather than an implemented depopulation programme through a hypodermic needle.

If your trust is in governments that are proven to continuously lie, are corrupt and complicit in what’s happening, along with the pharmaceutical industry that lines the pockets of key placed politicians, who  in turn, are controlled by higher dark authorities that pull the strings – like puppet masters – who own or fund the mainstream media globally, then go ahead – ROLL UP YOUR SLEEVE! Nothing to worry about is there? You only heard the truth from ‘conspiracy theorists‘!

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