We Warned It Was Bad – It’s Far Worse Than We Predicted

The following videos bear out our warnings. It requires no introduction. Just view and listen to the evidence provided by true experts, unlike the quasi experts who have been pushing the safety and efficacy of these monstrous injections, with no rhyme or reason for their use against a fake pandemic. The only conclusion is that they have been developed for an ulterior motive – depopulation through a syringe.

Dr. Byram Bridle – “The Spike Protein Lie The Covid Jab Is a VERY DANGEROUS TOXIN”


Dr. Peter McCullough – “Something Is Very Wrong” –

A Most Courageous Statement Said By a Highly Regarded Physician


Finally, the last word goes to “An Old Man In a Chair”. Dr. Vernon Coleman

Both a doctor with 50 years experience and the first and most popular of celebrity doctors in news columns. on radio and TV in his day. He is also the best selling author of over 100 books. What he has to say ties the whole premeditated conspiracy up.

Of course you have the full freedom to ignore all this evidence. If you don’t heed these warnings from these sources, perhaps it would be a good idea for you to source treatment for some other ailment you may be suffering from – like Cognitive Dissonance.

If you intend giving it to your children – then you should be sent to spend some time at a HMP for child abuse.

Footnote: In case you missed it, perhaps you’d like to revisit a previous published post containing a video on the same subject by Dr. Christiane Northup:

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