“Don’t Allow Yourself To Get Trampled By The (Human) Lemmings Running To The Cliff”.

In fact, real life lemmings – unlike ignorant humans – head for the cliff edge due to an inner urge to do so on occasion – an instinct if you will – they are excused for their individual actions as part of the lemming masses. Lemmings have become the subject of a widely popular misconception that they are driven to commit mass suicide when they migrate by jumping off cliffs. It is not a deliberate mass suicide where the animal voluntarily chooses to die, but rather a result of their ingrained migratory behaviour.

On the other hand, humans, who volunteer for experimental injection trials, (and who hideously also put their children into such trials), and then, before the trials are exhausted and well before the results are independently analysed, they roll up their sleeves and queue up for a deathly injection. They can only say as an excuse that – unlike lemmings – “we were ignorant of the facts”; they are actually extremely stupid, taking just the word of certain ones labelled as ‘experts’ for their actions. Worse still, ‘experts’ who have ulterior commercial interests at heart, and who have in the past been prosecuted for such actions, paying billions out in compensation for their greed and unethical actions. That puts humans well below lemmings in the intelligence league. Lemmings have a reason for their actions, stupid humans have no excuse, except as stated earlier – gross ignorance and gullibility, coupled to an irrational belief in a vaccination cult.

Anyone who puts an innocent child into a trial should not be allowed to have the responsibility of care for a child. Any parent who allows others to experiment on their child, and in so doing possibly causing the death of that child should be tried and executed for such a heinous and depraved, evil action, whether in educational ignorance or not.

Experimental Injections

mRNA injections are not fully tested, not fully trialled and are only fast tracked for use under special emergency government rules. They are still experimental, and are being used in contravention of the Nuremberg Code (1947), as all those injected are part of a global trial experiment – without the informed consent of the individual.

In the video below Dr. Christiane Northup, a recognised expert on vaccine and vaccinations, explains all this in detail, at a lecture she recently gave at the the Health & Freedom Conference 2021in the US.

The figures quoted in the above lecture for deaths and adverse effects is now well out of date. Since the recording was made the figures have increased dramatically, and will continue to do so as more people are injected with these Luciferian inoculations. However there is no let-up in the media led government propaganda or the coercion to get everyone injected. Why? Perhaps a clue is in what has been said by those behind this evil project. The word ‘depopulation’ jumps to mind, which is tied into the goals of the Agenda21/ 2030 UN Sustainable Development programme.

Whatever you do – don’t take my word for it – DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!

So What’s Behind It All?

Let Dr. Vernon Coleman explain, he’s so much better at it than me.

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