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I’m currently working on a full length article that incorporates all the above subjects. I hope it will be completed and published on this blog in the next few days. Whilst it is long, it is very comprehensive, and you are urged to read it in it’s entirety after it’s published. To make sure you don’t miss it be sure to subscribe (see foot of this page) to receive notifications of all new posts as they are published here.

Videos In The Main Article

This video below is the first part of a trilogy of videos that will be included in the main article – when it is published. There will be many others as well. If you watch this now, it will give you an idea of what is to come:

New Revelations About The Dangers Injected People May Pose To Those who Wish Not To Be Injected.

It has been recently reported widely (but as expected not by the propaganda gushing mainstream media), that rather strange symptoms are being recorded by individuals who have not received a jab, but have been in close contact with those who have been silly enough to be injected with the experimental mRNA concoctions. More about this from Sayer Ji in the video below:

I will be looking into this in more detail in the coming weeks and will report my findings here. Apparently, one of the more common things is haemorrhaging for no apparent reason, especially of the menstrual kind, with many women who are passed the age of menstruating developing bleeds. They have not received injections, but may have contracted something by what is called ‘shedding’ or intermixing of nucleic acid from people who have been injected, and they have been in close contact with them. I will only report on proven facts and not hearsay at this stage. As soon as I have concrete evidence I will be commenting on it.

If proven to be correct, this is an EXTRTEMELY serious development. It also fits in neatly with the known aims of the eugenicists who have been driving this hoax pandemic. It is their stated goal to depopulate the number of people who currently occupy the earth. Amazing – but true.

All A Conspiracy Theory?

The evil monster – Henry Kissinger way back in the seventies declared publicly that there was a need to cull undesirables  . . . .

Echoes of the 30s & 40s? Some thought the early warnings about that was a conspiracy theory as well. Until they were charged with the job of cleaning and mopping out what remained of the concentration camps – that was when they discovered that what they refused to accept as fact in a ‘civilised’ European country was a reality and not a theory about a ‘conspiracy’.

Same message – just a different era – all part of the same Cabal agenda

Watch this space carefully! And keep reading and researching . . . keep digging and the truth will reveal itself to you.

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