It’s Your Life And Limb And That Of Your Future Generations That Is At Risk

The mRNA injection for SARS-Cov-2 (Covid-19) is NOT what you may be led to believe it is. Forget past vaccinations, this is NOT a vaccine – although touted as one for marketing purposes. It’s a totally new experimental process, never before tested or used on humans. Do you want to be a human lab rat?

Educate yourself, before making a proper informed decision. In the following video, the experts (who have nothing to gain personally) will tell you what it’s actually about.

If you’ve been following the (heavily censored) truth from the start – regarding this scamdemic – you’ll know the dangers involved with the experimental gene altering mRNA injections. You’ll also be wary of the non  validity of the mass inoculation programme. In a word, it ‘stinks’ and makes no logical sense from a medical point of view.

This video fills in the gaps, with information you may not already be aware of. If you’re new to the subject, and are not sure of what it’s all about, then you most definitely need to watch this WARNING FOR HUMANITY.

The video has experts who will enlighten you about the facts, and tell you why you should NOT – in your medical under educated innocence – roll up your sleeve. The experts include Dr. Carrie Madej an acknowledged expert on vaccines.

There’s also tons of information regarding what is behind this planned pandemic, this ‘pandemic‘ is not what you are led to believe it is, the jabs certainly aren’t:


The independent Swiss Policy Research (SPR) group has drawn attention to a warning posted by the US Food and Drug Administration in December from US physician Dr Patrick Whelan that vaccines based on the spike protein may themselves trigger symptoms of severe Covid, including blood clots, brain inflammation and damage to the heart, liver and kidneys.

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