Background Into the Historic Corrupt Vaccine Industry

How Dare You Question The Sacred Vax!


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If you want to argue for vaccinations – fine – but do your homework first,. For instance did you know that Google’s parent company (Alphabet) has four subsidiary companies that develop and manufacture vaccines? Google owns You Tube and Facebook – guess who the most vicious censors of truth are on social media? If you believe that vaccines are the answer to mankind’s worst illnesses, then think again, and stop being an echo chamber for the second hand propaganda you’ve been spoon-fed via governments and main stream media outlets like the BBC. Where do you get your information from? BGB goes to the source material.

Vaccines are dangerous and are seldom – if ever – efficient against ANY viral infection. In the case of vaccines to combat viruses, more often than not they cause more harm than good, and often land up killing or maiming people in the short term. Up to 4.3 billion has been paid in out of court settlements for injury in the US alone. In the long term they can often ruin a person’s health for life. You will never hear reports of those events.

Worse Still

You may have, in your ignorance, assumed that all vaccines are the same. You may have been mislead to believe that the latest mRNA experimental injections are the same as past vaccines. They are not.

  • They have never before been used on humans
  • Their method of deliver is by interfering with your DNA code – in other words they are a gene altering treatment, with possible tragic and irreversible long term effects that are not yet known about.
  • They are part of an experiment on the human race – without their informed consent as individuals.
  • In these very early days of their roll-out the death and injury rates are through the roof.
  • Why would the rush to inject the WHOLE world be pushed so aggressively, when the recovery rate for Covid-19 is 99.97% – some with no symptoms or very mild symptoms? It is NOT a serious killer. Only about 0.03% die, they are, on average, around 84 years of age and virtually all were suffering from – on average – 2.5 serious underlying health conditions, It has the same mortality figures as a typical seasonal winter virus outbreak this last outbreak has been relabelled Covid-19. The answer(s) are sinister and chilling, and heavily wrapped up in Big Pharma’s bottom lines.

More Info.

In a recent response via BGB’s Correspondence Journal [Vol. 2 Index 124 – Response] the UK’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) said the following:

The approval for use of the Pfizer/BioNTech and Oxford/AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccines in the UK followed a rigorous scientific assessment of all the available evidence of quality, safety and effectiveness by the UK regulator, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)”.

Cold, callous and deliberate misinformation. Find out the Whole True Story  about vaccine trials by watching this documentary:


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