Disturbing News

In the first video below, we learn of some recent underhanded Government advertising that shows clearly that they do NOT intend to change anything for years ahead. The mild winter virus has long gone since May 2020 (check the ONS official figures for the UK and the second video below). The illusion has only been perpetuated by the use of a sham RT-PCR testing regime. More false positives = more ‘cases’ as reported on the mainstream media. Fooling the public that there are still increasing numbers of ‘infected’ people.

Just for two weeks until we flatten the curve” they said originally!

That was a long time ago, and they’ve been kicking the can down the road ever since.

Now we discover that they are about to kick it a long way down the road.

As BGB has repeatedly said: the only way out of this is for the PEOPLE to wake up and muster the courage to say NO!

Surely the public have been given enough scientific facts and evidence for them to realise that they were duped by a fear generated panic and hysteria, purposely drummed up by the Government and their propaganda media outlets like the BBC. Or are the people still fast asleep? Or are they gullible enough to believe the Government – regardless of it’s proven track record of wanton lies and deceit?


Based on statistics from Ireland – the UK has almost identical statistics.

Surely even a blind person can see through this fraud.

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