First The History Of Vaccines – NOT the Propaganda That We’ve Unquestionably Accepted For Many Decades

Before diving into the gene altering mRNA experiment that’s been launched and is being actively and aggressively promoted – and worse – the ‘vaccine’ that we are being coerced to take – which is untested and fast tracked – is for a phantom pandemic that never existed! Let us consider what is already known about previous vaccines.

The current inoculation programme is already killing and maiming people after only a few weeks of the roll-out. But you should realise Big Pharma has bad form on death dealing vaccines This latest offering is an experimental ‘vaccine’ that has never before been used on humans – think about it!. Make no mistake, this is an experiment without informed consent – which is in direct violation of the Nuremburg Code. More about that in the videos below.

Sure – You Can Refuse It – In Theory

However there are consequences to doing that. You wouldn’t be able to travel – no passport. You’d be confined to your home (house arrest). Your income could be stopped, you would not be accepted for work by employers, or your benefits could be stopped altogether, and the list goes on. In everything but ‘straight speak’, what they are saying is that vaccines are mandatory, but by many different means, with the exception (yet) of holding you down and administering it against your will. Are you happy with that scenario?

Informed Consent And The Actual Track Record Of Vaccination

Mention that vaccines are unsafe and you immediately get the response from the brainwashed public, that that is not true. They proudly inform you that without vaccines small pox would not have been eradicated and polio would be rampant. These statements are the product of indoctrination, sadly by medical schools, as well as the MSM when it comes to the public. Those two statements are factually incorrect – lying bunkum in other words.

MMR and And The Link To Autism

There’s more information on that subject in the first video. Up to this point we are only talking about traditional vaccination. Make no mistake, the mRNA vaccine is as far away from traditional vaccination as the sun is from the moon. Nevertheless the uninformed public have been inculcated to think that the Covid-19 vaccine is “just another jab that’s exactly the same as the previous ones”. The previous ones were hideously dangerous. This new generation of vaccines may be lethal on a far more serious levels. Your actual DNA will be altered by incorporating manufactured RNA strands into it. All your future generations (if you manage to produce any – there is a big question mark over the effects on fertility) will have a copy of your altered genes past down to them. Once you receive your jab there’s no going back – you can’t remove it if things go wrong, and there’s an unacceptable high chance of that happening.

Informed Consent – Do You Know What That Means?

If you don’t you urgently need to read up on what it means. This is also covered in the trio of videos that have been prepared for you here:






Click HERE For Further Information From Robert F. Kennedy’s Website

‘Children’s Health Defence’.

The Freedom Of Choice

At the end of the day it is entirely your personal decision, but don’t come back later and say you didn’t know. It is your duty to do the research before you and your children receive it. The warnings are clear, from the top medical experts in their field from around the world – the writing is on the wall for those who have eyes and ears but sadly many are often blind and deaf.

It’s not my place to tell you what you should do, anymore than it is the vaccine cult believers’ right to tell the more critically minded researchers amongst us that we are selfish for not accepting this genocidal concoction that they want to put in our bodies.

In my experience, those who blindly follow the vaccination belief system that they have attached themselves to are the ones who have done the least personal research into the subject – most have done none – and just gullibly listen to what their television sets tell them. I see it daily on social media, they just repeat what they heard the night before on MSM – they are happy to be echo chambers without a shred of knowledge. But it appears that more and more are waking up to this travesty, and the numbers of the gullible and uneducated who put up insanely ridiculous arguments are diminishing – thank goodness.

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