“We Don’t Debate With Anti-Vaxxers Whether They’re RIGHT Or Wrong” – Says The BBC

What A Strange Thing To Say!

So, what they are actually saying is: “we don’t want ANY debate”. Debate is something that usually means that one side or the other is proven ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. However the BBC just doesn’t want ANY debate. Why is that we wonder? Surely they should be at the forefront – to bring truth to light. Sadly they don’t operate in that way, which is always a dead give-away that they are peddling lies and misinformation, and then accuse others of doing that, with phoney so called ‘fact checkers’.

Could it mean that by inviting someone on to their screens to debate live – not edited and not pre-recorded – could end up with their propaganda message being exposed for what it is – A FRAUD? Or more likely the official line that they have biasedly pushed so hard could crumble in full view of the public? So, they don’t debate – whether the side that goes contrary to their line could be RIGHT (or wrong). Doesn’t that sound suspicious to you? It certainly does to me.

Past Track Record

The BBC have form when it comes to this kind of high handed exaggerated, government line behaviour on hotly debated subjects. The climate change hoax is one that comes to mind. The propaganda says that the ‘consensus‘ of opinion (who decides that by the way? The BBC?) Is that the world is plummeting to destruction, through increased emissions of CO2. There is a whole army of scientists and experts that say this is NOT so, as it’s NOT so with this Covid-19 situation, with accompanying documentation and peer reviewed papers to back it up. However they are muzzled as the MSM does not report their findings. For example the myth that polar bears are becoming extinct through their environment suffering the ravages of global warming. The latest surveys indicate that in fact the polar bear population has risen to numbers higher than they have been reported for decades. Is this information in the TV public domain? Certainly not, the BBC patriarch and wise man on all things in the natural world was seen crying on camera because he was convinced that the polar bear was nearing extinction. That’s the BBC line. So they said that they would no longer report on the other side of the argument, and would not debate the subject. Same old tactic – “shut down the other opinion – whether they are right or wrong – and just listen to us”. . . . A perfectly acceptable way for a propaganda machine to work – but not for the truth lovers amongst us.

More On The Climate Change Fear-mongering Front

Now that we have entered into a Grand Solar Minimum period (warned about for a long time by unbiased scientists who have nothing to lose by telling the truth), the earth is now actually cooling and not heating up. It’s the sun stupid – regardless of what the propaganda would have you believe that it’s cows farting or gardeners using too much peat in their gardens, thereby producing greenhouse gases like Methane and CO2.  Fact: the greatest greenhouse gas is water vapour (at any one instant, the Earth’s atmosphere contains 37.5 million-billion gallons of water vapour – enough to cover the entire surface of the planet with 1 inch of rain if condensed). CO2 is a life supporting gas (0.0391 percent of the atmosphere).

Global warming poster girl – exploitation of a poor little autistic child who has been frightened into hysteria. This is cruel mental abuse of a handicapped minor.

Without high enough levels of CO2 in the atmosphere ALL life dies on the planet. All this information is hushed up on the MSM, the reason again is money, grant money for research and bribery handouts by the usual suspects. All designed to mislead, cause illogical fear and to confuse people with pseudo science, in exactly the same way as the Covid-19 scam has been rolled out. The wheels were coming off the climate change nonsense – enter a ‘pandemic’ instead. The big weapon in this warfare is FEAR, blasted out through propaganda outlets by the likes of the BBC. They even take advantage of a poor little autistic girl from Sweden, who has been frightened to the point of hysteria – I call that child abuse. What easier victim than an autistic child? When it comes to propaganda there are no limits to the levels stooped to.

More information on the effects of a Grand Solar Minimum period HERE. I don’t suppose you’ve noticed the big hush-up on MSM regarding this winter’s weather over northern Europe, the north American continent, and parts of Asia? Our planet is colder TODAY than it was during much of the 2010s, the 2000s, large portions of the 1990s, as well as late-1987–and cooling! As the Americans say “go figure”.

Back To The Wise ‘Old Man In A Chair’

International best-selling author, a GP with over 50 years experience, a former health agony uncle on the TV and a national newspaper columnist Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA, explains why and how the BBC has betrayed the public and demonised truth-telling doctors and scientists in order to help sustain the covid-19 fraud and please the Government and those who have corrupted the system with huge donations and bribery money – The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. With money, power and influence; Bill Gates has bought out the world health services, including the W.H.O. with a big dollop to the UK state sponsored broadcaster – the BBC. He has positioned himself as a ‘Health Tsar‘ and whatever he has to say the MSM is paid to propagandise it.
For more unbiased information about other important related issues, please visit:
Dr. Vernon Coleman’s site at: https://www.vernoncoleman.com

Now, let him explain in his own inimitable style in the BGB reproduced video below, what the likes of the BBC are really up to:

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  1. Laurence Howell

    After the Christchurch Mosque shooting in New Zealand new gun laws were introduced and New Zealanders lost their guns.

    Just showing your neighbours the online videos of the shooting could get you 10 years in jail. This is how frightened the government were that ordinary people would find out that it was a hoax shooting.

    Now we have the disgusting Prat Hangcock threatening 10 years in jail for visiting countries on the red list without disclosing this information after returning from holiday.

    The Johnson government is terrified that we will find out that the Covid- 19 plandemic was also a hoax, so feels the need to frighten the population with draconian sentences.

    This is a positive sign that the narrative is breaking down and we the people are indeed awakening to the propaganda peddled by the criminals in power.

    But it will not always be like this. They are already looking over their shoulders as the absurd 10 year penalty illustrates.

    Power to the people, it is the only way.

    • Big Gee

      “Power to the people, it is the only way.”

      You’re absolutely right Laurence. If ‘the people woke up’ and simply said NO this madness would be over in a matter of weeks.

  2. Laurence Howell

    A thought on the Climate Emergency Hoax.

    The answer to this particular unscientific load of mumbo jumbo is the Milankovitch Cycles[ytube] that describe the collective effects of changes in the Earth’s movements on its climate over thousands of years. The term is named for Serbian geophysicist and astronomer Milutin Milanković. In the 1920s, he hypothesized that variations in eccentricity, axial tilt, and precession resulted in cyclical variation in the solar radiation reaching the Earth, and that this orbital forcing strongly influenced the Earth’s climatic patterns.

    Similar astronomical hypotheses had been advanced in the 19th century by Joseph Adhemar, James Croll and others, but verification was difficult because there was no reliably dated evidence, and because it was unclear which periods were important.

    Now, materials on Earth that have been unchanged for millennia (obtained via ice, rock, and deep ocean cores) are being studied to indicate the history of Earth’s climate and vindicate Milankovitch.

  3. Big Gee

    As per usual, any evidence of truth regarding this hyped up pseudo science is buried by the MSM – who are following the guidelines set down by the wilful, rich, powerful and influential Cabal. The mainstream media are into this up to their necks. They are the most powerful weapon that those who seek to enslave mankind have.

    The Covid scam is the follow up to the climate scam, which is being gradually exposed for what it is. Both of these fear mongering hoaxes all lead back to Agenda 21/ 2030.

  4. Laurence Howell

    The Great Reset is being promoted on the back of two hoaxes, the Climate Emergency and the Covid-19 plandemic.

    This is the paucity of the moral stature of the Johnson government and Keir Smarmy and his obliging opposition, allied to the World Economic Forum, the Poster Boy for the United Nations and their communist agendas.

    Somehow I do not believe Santa Klaus and his Great Reset is going to happen in the way that he expects. There is an increasing exposure of the lies that supports the official narratives and this will reach a boiling point when the confidence of the politicians dissipates and then real change will come.

    • Big Gee

      My view exactly Laurence. Holding on to the truth and keeping it hidden is like trying to hold water in your hands. It eventually seeps out – no matter how hard you try to hang on to it. In a way they’ve shot themselves in the foot with this latest scam. Without a shadow of a doubt more people are waking up daily’. The climate change hoax has already hit the rocks

      There’s a panic on currently to get the vaccine out – before it’s too late. They pulled the trigger too soon, put pressure on the people and now it’s backfiring in a big way. The other thing they did was bring things out into the open, believing it was a fait acompli it wasn’t and the curtain is being drawn back to reveal who is behind it – just like the final scene in the film The Wizard of Oz!

  5. Laurence Howell

    I watched Doris Johnson at the despatch box today, he of the scruffy scarecrow haircut.

    He did not seem quite as self assured as he has done of late. It looks like the pressure is getting to dear old Doris the buffoon, as the covid lie is laid bare.

    If the journalists that inhabit the netherworld would only do their job for a change then this plandemic lie would be over very soon.

    Gates has given many millions to the BBC, he may well have given it straight to the toy town building on the banks of the Thames that houses Military Intelligence. Who do they work for? ah yes, of course, the patron of World Wide Free Masonry, QE ll the lizard queen herself.

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