You are being lied to.
There’s REAL DAMAGE Happening To Real People…
The evidence is OVERWHELMING!

Big Pharma REALLY doesn’t want this to get out.
They are going to Extreme Measures to keep this cover-up going
and continue their life-threatening disinformation campaign.

As you know… Censorship is real
So the tech giants (Google, Facebook, Youtube…) will systematically
remove ANY TRACE of this critical information!

You Won’t Find This Controversial Information
Anywhere Else!

We Know We’re Taking A HUGE RISK –
But you DESERVE the Truth.
Help Us Spread This Docu-Series NOW…
Because The Threat of Mandatory Vaccines is Here!

Hounded Off The Internet

They are also being tracked down by vicious censorship and hunted off the internet, their servers are under constant attack – as are the servers of free speech streaming platforms like Brighteon, Bit Chute, Brand New Tube etc, but there are clever ways of dodging these evil entities; the most efficient is decentralisation of the platforms used to convey information, thereby side stepping the giant global ‘Big Tech’ monopolies that currently run the show, like Google, You Tube, Facebook & Twitter.  If you try and use Vaccines Revealed; URL address on FB, your post is rejected. But there’s more than one way to drown a cat (sorry any cat lovers out there – I didn’t invent the saying!). There are other new generation social platforms that you can use, such as:

The traditional ways of spreading information is either by word of mouth, a telephone call/message, a written letter or e-mail. The last one is the most efficient in our modern world. If everyone who reads this post sends an e-mail message to everyone in their e-mail/ telephone address book, containing a link, and each of them do the same, the message gets out rapidly (six degrees of separation and all that)

BGB would like to canvas your help in spreading the word about VACCINES REVEALED. This post is about doing just that.

Invite everyone in your e-mail/ phone address book to visit:

Invite them also to sign up to receive links to the 9 episode series of videos on the Covid-19 scaredemic on the Vaccines Revealed website.

To do so now yourself :

Thank you for your help in spreading this important message, you’ll never know how many deaths and suffering you could save innocent people from.

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