What Everyone Should Know Before They Commit Themselves

Here is a BGB reproduction of an original video recorded by James Corbett. It explains what the mRNA vaccines are about, and how they should not be confused with standard traditional vaccinations.

Ignorance Is The Culprit

So many people know next to nothing about vaccines and how they work. Through constant lobbying by Big Pharma companies over the years, and the propaganda fed through the mainstream media, many are foolish enough to believe that we can’t live without vaccines. Strange how we didn’t all die a few millennia ago!

The reality is the opposite. Do you know that there has NEVER been a successful vaccine developed for ANY coronavirus? Despite all attempts Big Pharma have failed to produce a practical coronavirus in many decades of trying. The old saying “there is no cure for the common cold” is still correct right up to this point – many common colds are coronaviruses. Flu vaccines are also next to worthless in preventing the spread of coronaviruses – hence the reason so many die each year, with or without a vaccine. The death toll figures for 2020 are still below the average deaths incurred in the 2017/18 flue season.

Add to that the fact that the mRNA vaccine peddlers have admitted that their vaccine does not prevent infection from the virus! It just reduces the symptoms – ah well that’s OK then – if you happen to live in a lunatic asylum!

Should I Get Vaccinated Anyway – Just In Case?

That is entirely a matter for you to decide on, but before you make that decision you should be FULLY informed (not just a propaganda soaking sponge being fed from the BBC) so that you can make an informed decision whether to be vaccinated with this entirely new, untested and unproven mRNA vaccine. The key is personal research. Check the validity of what is presented as facts – make your own mind up, don’t let it be made up for you by the talking heads on the telly, who are controlled and bribed to follow the official line, through advertising and the generous ‘donations’ by the likes of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation – even the BBC get around 53 million from them.

The early results don’t look good, with deaths from the vaccine starting to roll in, and increasing reports of neurological damage. Here’s another video to give you some idea of what can happen:

That’s very sobering isn’t it? Obviously not everyone will have such acute neurological symptoms, but Bell’s Palsy is one of the effects recorded by quite a number of initial guinea pigs that rushed to be part of the initial trials.

The other factor is the nature of an mRNA vaccine. It is NOT like traditional vaccines, it actually introduces RNA particles into your cells, so that those cells then become ‘factories’ within your body producing protein spikes that trigger an immune response. That – whichever way you look at it – is genetic engineering and falls well outside the boundaries of a ‘medicine’ in the form of an injection. Your DNA is altered and those genes get carried on through all future generations that are produced from you. There is also a huge question mark over fertility issues. The concoctions used in the vaccine are untested and the future impact on your health and ability to reproduce can be effected.

We’ve been here before, with the so called ‘swine flu’ outbreak. A vaccine was hurriedly produced and Big Pharma landed up paying BILLIONS of dollars in compensation.

This time around, the companies that have produced the vaccine, and all those detailed to administer it, are indemnified from lawsuits filed against them – that’s a big confidence booster isn’t it? It’s not a pretty picture – unless you’re a gambler with your health and your very life.

Finally, is the risk worth it when 99.07% people fully recover from the virus, and only .03% perish. Those that do die have underlying morbidities, are over 80 years of age, and probably would have died anyway, due to their underlying health issues. Is it worth the risk for a relatively benign cyclical winter flu like virus?

You have to wonder why the rush, for a supposed disease that has such little effect on your health and lifespan.

Just think about it without being influenced by panic, brought about deliberately by those who choose to control us, put fear into uneducated people’s minds, and who have gone on record repeatedly saying that they want to depopulate the earth.

Do your research, if you still think it’s fine and dandy to be a part of a huge experiment with human guinea pigs – then go ahead and roll up your sleeve.

Perhaps the next generation will be more sensible, and the silly ones from this generation might be dead or infertile.

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