The Unspoken Truths About This Technology

There’s an awful lot more to it than just the next generation of fast mobile phone communications and faster Wi-Fi (the ‘G’ stands for ‘generation’ i.e. 5th Generation). The official line is that this innocent technology is just advancements that will enable you to get better service on your mobile device and you’ll be able to download films to your PC or Laptop at blistering speed. That’s the fluffy official version for the uninformed public.

As Boring as Watching Grass Grow or Paint Drying

That’s just it for many people. Getting down to understanding what Electro Magnetic Radiation or frequencies on the EMF spectrum are all about, will switch most people off, or cause them to run away in anticipation of boring information that they have absolutely no interest in nor wish to have any understanding of coming their way.

As it happens, this is the very subject of my own personal interest – as a qualified electronics engineer. Remember the physics lessons in school? Especially when the subject of Electricity & Magnetism was the order of the day? The number of distractors with figurative pointed hats with the letter ‘D’ on them at the back of the class seemed to exponentially increase when you entered the Physics lab for a double lesson! For me it was the treat of the day, to which I eagerly looked forward to.

Since early childhood I’d had an almost obsessive urge to find out how things worked – after a short playing time with them. I could not resist the urge to pull apart any clockwork toy (yes that’s what most moving toys were in my day), even though I knew a scolding was on it’s way when my mother discovered what I’d done! By the time I was ten years old I’d built my very own crystal radio set, from old ex army and navy surplus bits and pieces (which were easily available from WW2 surplus supplies outlets in those days – that’s why so many of us had army overcoats and blankets on our beds!). This A & N feeding frenzy via adverts in old Practical Wireless mags – that were passed on to me by our neighbour and my mentor, (whose brother was a professor of ballistics, working for the US military in the sixties) – was an Aladdin’s cave for meagre pennies from my piggy bank for me. This activity was  accompanied by my trips to dumped things like old radios in local small quarries dotted around the countryside.

A blast from the past – this is what an insulating porcelain coupler looked like.

The crystal radio used no batteries, the signal being plucked in from a single core 12 SWG gauge insulated wire attached to the skylight in my bedroom and spanning the carefully calculated ‘tuned’ length across the garden and then attached to an old beech tree via a glazed porcelain coupling. At the other end the crystal set was ‘grounded’ to either a crocodile clip fastened to a metal kettle that was plugged in to a mains socket – but not switched on (it only made use of the unswitched earth terminal of the mains); or it was wired into the one earth terminal via a three pin plug. I would listen to Radio Luxembourg under the bed clothes – often falling asleep to the music through the night via a highly sensitive pair of headphones, that had started life off on the ears of a tank commander somewhere during the war! Happy days – we’ve moved on in quantum leaps since those days.

Enough of my early life experiences, suffice to say I went on to university and got my degree in electronics engineering. The interest never waned, right through – over five decades plus of my working life. When I retired I was working on telemetry, telecommand systems and computer hardware. A dizzy journey from building crystal radio sets! But amazingly, the military was already using microwaves in those early days, but few of us knew about it..

What Has All This To Do With 5G?

Well, 5G is the latest generation of electromagnetic radiation equipment. It’s been a long journey from home built medium and long wave crystal radios to this latest new kid on the block (well actually not so old if you trace it back to it’s early roots), working on millimetre length radiation called microwaves. But is it safe? Given my experience and the research I’ve done personally over the years, coupled to my knowledge of radiating radio waves, I would categorically say NO!

Scientists find a combination of threats may explain declining honeybee populations, including the effects of RF radiation. In the United States, up to one-third of commercial honeybee colonies vanish each year.

In fact it is deadly to all cellular life, from plants, ants and bees to humans and everything in between – especially humans. This equipment in the wrong hands could be lethal to ALL life. Sadly most of the public are blissfully unaware of it’s potential, they don’t really have any interest – except the lure of being able to download a full length film in seconds on their electronic devices.

Those in the know, are shouted down and accused of being conspiracy theorists, tin foil hat wearers or doomsday prophets. These accusers are a flashback to the metaphorically illustrated, pointed cap wearing ‘dunces’ in the back row of the physics lab all those years ago.

To date, I haven’t contributed a lot of information about 5G on this blog – not because it’s unimportant, or because I’m hiding from the responses from the ‘dunces’, but because I’ve been overwhelmed with information that needs to be got out about the other pressing problem of the day – the Covid-19 hoax pandemic. However make no mistake the creeping, stealthy introduction of 5G technology under the cloak of this fear mongering about a false ‘pandemic’ is equally as much of a pressing problem. In fact there appears to be a close correlation between the two events. Microwave energy can cause adverse and potentially fatal bodily reactions, that includes pneumonic symptoms – such as oxygen shortage that resembles altitude sickness (a symptom that baffled doctors in ICUs whilst their patients were on ventilators). This condition is triggered by the detachment of oxygen molecules from haemoglobin, which is a known reaction to microwave exposure at certain frequencies and radiated power. The worst symptoms of this disease have been observed in Wuhan, Italy and New York State. Three areas that recently implemented 5G during the run up to the ‘new’ disease appearing.

When this information was released some clowns in the pointed ‘D’ hat brigade suggested that what was being said was that 5G actually created the mysterious virus for the outbreak. This is so breathtakingly stupid that it’s incomprehensibly ludicrous. What was actually said was that 5G CAN cause symptoms similar to those observed in so called Covid cases – not quite the same thing.

Food For Thought – How Microwaves Cook Food

It should by now be common knowledge to us (apart from the pointed hat wearers) how microwave ovens heat food. Microwaves are generated inside the oven by an electron tube called a magnetron. The microwaves are reflected within the metal interior of the oven where they are absorbed by food. Microwaves cause water molecules in food to excite (vibrate), producing heat that cooks the food.

Armed with knowledge about the dangers of microwave energy on the body, oven manufacturers are compelled by law to limit the leakage from these ovens for proven health safety reasons. That’s a known fact based on proper science. So we’re agreed on that I hope.

The human body is made up of a minimum of 50% water – H2O molecules. We know how microwaves heat food – by exciting the H2O molecules. It has also been proven in multiple tests and published peer reviewed papers that prolonged exposure to microwave energy produces cancerous tumours. Now go and sit down somewhere quiet and contemplate a while on those three bits of information above. Getting the picture of how microwaves have an effect on living cells yet? This really is simple stuff.

Depending on the frequency, power of transmission, the pulsed nature of microwaves and the close proximity of the 5G transmission system to humans (they are currently installing antennae on every other lamp post – and doing so flat out whilst everyone is under house arrest, many cowering behind their sofas in hyper MSM generated fear). Is this critical or non critical work? You may ask yourself.

I won’t go any further into this subject personally, So here’s . . . .

Information From a Recognised Expert

Dr. Barrie Trower is a former Royal Navy Microwave Weapons Expert and former cold-war captured spy debriefer for the UK Intelligence Services. Dr. Trower is a conscionable whistle-blower who lectures around the world on the hidden dangers from microwave weapons and every-day microwave technologies such as mobile-phones and Wi-Fi. Dr. Trower has also repeatedly assisted the UK Police Federation in their struggle to protect police officers from Tetra/Air-Band radio-communications systems that are harmful to health.

His C.V. Speaks For Itself

In Dr. Trower’s own words:

I trained at the Government’s Microwave Warfare establishment in the 60’s. I worked with the underwater bomb disposal unit, which used microwaves.

In the 70’s I helped de-brief spies trained in microwave warfare.

My first degree is in Physics (I specialised in microwaves).

My second degree is a research degree.

I have a teaching diploma in human physiology.

I teach advanced physics and mathematics at South Dartmoor College.

I’m the author of the Tetra Report for the Police Federation. I predicted the illnesses, which the officers now complain of. I also predicted the illnesses the residents now complain of when they live close to TETRA masts.

These are illnesses that occurred before my report was published and cannot be psychosomatic.

At a conference in Birmingham I said:

This GovernmentIndustry and Government Scientists will be responsible for more deaths (of civilians) in peace time than all the terrorist organizations ever.” The evidence I have is showing this is correct. I put my money where my mouth is and stand my ground.
It is easy to prove TETRA is not safe.

Barrie Trower

If you’ve made it this far, you deserve the real treat at the end. Here is a video of a lecture given by Dr. Trower on the subject of the dangers of microwave radiation and the way these frequencies can be manipulated.

And a second video of a fascinating interview (in 5 parts) that he had with a journalist and broadcaster for Talk Radio  and Cape Radio702, in South Africa – Jenny Crwys-Williams. Enjoy.

Further Information From a Trusted Source

I invite you to view a three-minute video of the late Dr. Martin Blank (1933-2018) announcing the Appeal. Dr. Blank brought over 30 years of experience conducting EMF research at Columbia University and served as president of the Bioelectromagnetics Society. In his own words, Dr. Blank gives a compelling explanation of the global public health crisis we are now facing due to increasing levels of environmental pollution from electrical and wireless infrastructures and devices that are supported by a multitude of EMF sources.

You should now have a clearer understanding of what we are up against with a global 5G system communicating with low altitude satellites (that Elon Musk is contracted to place in space by the tens of thousands). When fully developed and implemented every inch of the earth will be bathed in deadly microwave energy. Humans, along with all other life forms will suffer the consequences. The dangers of the planned depopulation agenda of the Cabal is not just the use of an mRNA vaccine. That’s why there’s an urgent need to collectively wake up and push back against these things – unless you’re happy to be herded like sheep into a slaughter house.

All The Evidence is There, Fully Documented and Proven.

The only hold up is the public’s aversion to do the research, due to constant establishment brainwashing, leading to cognitive dissonance  of the public. Cognitive dissonance describes the mental discomfort that results from holding two conflicting beliefs, values, or attitudes. People tend to seek consistency in their attitudes and perceptions, so this conflict causes feelings of unease or discomfort – so they ignore the information and choose to do nothing – to their eventual chagrin.


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