Strong But Truthful Words

Mention the word ‘Nazi’ and people break out in a cold sweat – well at least they used to, before the word got desensitized by progressive liberal lunatics calling anyone who does not agree with them a ‘Nazi’. The appropriation of this word in the NHS context is not political, or extreme right wing, it is a reference to a ‘Command & Control’ system, the root term that ‘Nazi’ refers to.

In the video below, retired nurse and health scientist Dr Kevin Corbett joins David Scott to discuss Covid-19 / SARS-CoV-2 and the similarities to the 1980s panic over HIV-Aids. These similarities span the scientific investigation, clinical testing, elements of the care, and the governmental approaches employed. Kevin explains how contagion fears have affected the medical profession, major elements of the scientific community and our political leadership alike.

He explains the rationale behind his view that the current crisis represents the corruption of medical actors and a Nazification of the NHS. He concludes that this is part of a wider move to expand centralised command and control measures across society. If you want to escape needless fear or help others to do so, listen to Dr Kevin Corbett:

For more information see Kevin’s article : “The Covid Nazification Of The National Health Service” at

UK Column News On The Hoax Pandemic & The Roll Out Of Vaccines In The UK

To compliment the contents of the above video, here is a recording from the UK Column News feed from the 4th of December. It dovetails perfectly with what Dr. Corbett covers in his interview. Pay special attention to the section on vaccination, and the warnings issued by leading scientists that some of the components contained in Pfizer’s miraculous concoction – dead on time, causes damage to the placenta in pregnant women, effectively rendering them sterile. That is exactly what we’ve been beating the drum about for months on BGB. Bear in mind that the driving force behind this hoax pandemic is the self confessed eugenicist – Bill Gates, who has said publicly from one corner of his mouth that he wants to depopulate the earth through vaccinations. From the other side of his mouth he says he wants to save lives through vaccinations! Go figure.

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