The ‘Wake-up’ Gathers Strength . . .

Below is an open letter written to Angela Merkel. In Germany the message is getting through from doctors AND legal experts. The politicians have to start listening, because heads will roll if they don’t – and they may roll anyway.

The Numbers Increase Daily

More than 500 German doctors and scientists have officially formed an organization to investigate the global response to Covid-19 called the “Corona Extra-Parliamentary Inquiry Committee”, or Außerparlamentarischer Corona Untersuchungsausschuss (ACU) they came to the conclusion that the freedom-limiting measures we are seeing taken across the globe are wildly excessive when compared with the infection rate of the “pandemic”.

This group has been giving multiple conferences in Germany, in one of the most recent, Dr. Heiko Schöning, one of the organizations leaders, stated. “We have a lot of evidence that the new coronavirus is a fake story all over the world.” He isn’t referring to the virus being fake, but simply that it’s no more dangerous than the seasonal flu (or just as dangerous) and that there is no justification for the measures being taken to combat it.

The Following Was Written by Dr Robert Kluger, Dr Bruno Weil et al.

Dear Chancellor, Mrs Merkel,

We, the signatories, are physicians from all fields of health, serving people in offices and clinics for decades. During this time, we have witnessed more than one seasonal infection in Germany, most with much more severe conditions and many more deaths than since January 2020 from infectious diseases COVID. Together we serve approx. 70,000 people.

The circumstances of the RFA coronavirus wave were viewed differently from the media, and the ongoing political warnings, which were in fact unwarranted, were presented to the public for months. The predictions of individual advisory virologists with millions of critically ill people and hundreds of thousands of deaths in Germany are absolutely not true.

In practice, virtually no infected patient has been infected and so, with normal, usually mild progressions of viral influenza. Hospitals have been emptier than ever. There was no ICU overload. Doctors, physicians, and nurses were skilled at short-term work. Initially, we found the wave of the virus running towards us threatening and were able to understand the protective measures against infection. However, there are months of proven evidence and facts that this wave of the virus is only slightly more intense than a regular seasonal flu and should be considered much more harmless than, say, the flu infection in 2017 / 2018 with 27,000 deaths in Germany. According to the data situation, there has been no threat to the German population from Covid-19 for months.

This must be the reason why we are returning to a normal life in Germany – a life without restrictions, without fear and without infectious hysteria.

We are seeing more and more older people with depression, young children and adolescents with severe anxiety and behavioral problems, people with serious illnesses that could have been cured with early treatment. There are disturbances in interpersonal cooperation, hysteria and aggression caused by fear of infection, there are more and more vigilances and denunciations of “ positive swab victims ” – all this leads to unprecedented tension and division of the population. The development of additional severe chronic diseases is foreseeable. These diseases, with their serious consequences, are expected to far outweigh the possible damage from Covid-19 in the FRG.

The signatories therefore call on those in charge of health care and politics to fulfil their responsibilities to the people of our country and to immediately avoid this threatening development. We demand an immediate review of the available data by an independent panel of experts from all relevant specialized groups and a swift implementation of the consequences for the people of our country. and that the mass tests are significant (for example currently, 1.1 million tests / week, of which 99.3% negative, cost per week: 82.5 million euros) to be audited by a panel of independent experts .

We demand to step up the protection of patients at risk and only them, where every viral infection can take a dramatic course – a healthy and immune population does not need protection beyond general hygiene and health measures which have been known and proven for generations. Children and adolescents in particular need contact with viruses to “train” your immune system. The coronavirus has always existed and will continue to exist. Natural immunity is the weapon against this. In contrast, the mouth-to-nose coverage demanded by politicians lacks a solid scientific basis.

We call on politicians and medical professionals to refrain from releasing public warnings and fear machines on a daily basis in the press and talk shows – this creates deep and unfounded fear among the population.

The Bundestag has a gem. § 5 The IfSG has identified an epidemic situation of ′ ′ of national scope Obviously, the conditions for this are no longer met. We therefore call on the members of the Bundestag to immediately lift this declaration and thus transfer the decision and the responsibility on this matter to where they belong: in the hands of the democratically legitimate Parliament.

If there is an independent free press in Germany, we ask them to research it all over the place and allow critical voices as well. Opinion forming can only take place if all voices are heard worthless and if facts and figures are neutral.

Through daily contact with the people entrusted to us and many conversations, we doctors working at the base of the population know that people’s hygiene awareness has increased so much thanks to the experience of this wave. viruses that normal unconstrained hygiene measures will suffice in the future.


Dr. Robert Kluger

Dr. Bruno Weil

Dr. Antonia

Dr. Felix Mazur

Dr. Katharina Hotfiel

Dr. Christine Knshnabhakdi

Dr. Hanna LübeckHeiko Strehmel

Dr. Norbert Bell

Dr. Heinz-Georg Beneke

Dr. Hans-Jürgen Beckmann

Dr. Thomas Hampe

Dr. Luke Mine’sRadim Farhumand

Dr. Tillmann Otlerbach

Dr. Ulrich RebersDr. Dr. Hubert hair

Dr. Verena Meyer-RaheDr. Dr. Manfred Conradt

Dr. Matthias KeillchPhv.- Doz. Diploma Psych. Dr. Dr. Christian Wolff

Dr. Holger Schr

Dr. Michael KühneDorothe G öllner

Dr. Wolf Schr

Dr. Ernst Schahn

Dr. Michael SeewaldStefan KurzKonrad Schneider-Trench Schroer

Dr. Anna Pujdak

Dr. Stefan S ällzer

Dlpl.- Med. Holger Dreier

Dr. Norbert Katte

Dr. Thomas Gerenkamp

Dr. Flllp SalemDominik jokes

Dr. Karsten Karad

Dr. Georg RüwekampSchmidt Krause,

Dr. Elizabeth Kiesel

Prof. Dr. Henbert Jürgens

Dr. See Christine Jürgens Less

BGB Comment:

The press and the likes of the BBC will call them ‘Conspiracy Theorists’. That’s the old, very ‘yesterday’, CIA prompted slur from the sixties, that’s the top drawer insult used by these complicit paid for clowns with shallow minds. Like a recent headline by the BBC that said a few ‘hundred’ conspiracy theorists held a protest in Trafalgar Sq. London. In fact there were many thousands there – all conspiracy theorists of course! What a bunch of insidious cretins for suggesting such a ludicrous thing. They are in the habit of insulting people’s intelligence.

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