The Light Gets Brighter As Time Progresses

In this post all the latest statistics from official sources including the W.H.O., Governmental Websites & The Office of National Statistics are forensically analysed by Ivor Cummins and the results presented in the following video clip:

Note that the statistics, despite being skewed due to false positive tests, the misinformation entered on hospital records and death certificates but the result STILL indicate that according to the reported statistics the actual viral infection peaked in May and then faded, the same pattern as usual seasonal virus infections. The number of hospitalisations and actual deaths from (not with) Covid-19 are not mentioned on mainstream media. The forecasted ‘second wave’ has never existed and the ‘Case’ numbers, so beloved by the mainstream (false) news media are actually the product of a worthless RT-PCR test regime.

In The News This Week

Finally, here’s a short video clip excerpt of what UK Column News said in their broadcast yesterday. basically they back up the analysis provided by Ivor Cummins in the above video, and the part RT-PCR testing has to play in the scam.

How many times has the misinformation about RT-PCR testing got to be exposed, before people wake up to the ludicrous policy of testing everyone, getting false positive results and then basing their ‘case’ numbers on that totally flawed data. Beyond belief . . . .


The conclusion is:

Despite concerted efforts to mask the true situation, falsification of data and the propaganda issued by the media cannot cover up the fraudulent scam. Stats don’t lie and the truth will always rise to the surface. As the above videos prove – without a shadow of a doubt.

Assumed ‘cases’ are nothing more than the false results harvested from increased RT-PCR tests.

More tests = more false positive results = more wrongly categorised ‘cases’. Which makes this a PCRdemic and not a viral pandemic.

It is this blatant scam that is triggering an ever increasing number of prominent doctors and scientists to come out and discredit what is going on using proper science and not pseudoscience propaganda used by advisors to governments.

Familiarise yourself with the FACTS Regarding RT-PCR Testing:


If you would like to challenge ANY of the facts based evidence on this Blog-site then you are openly invited to do so publicly on here.

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