The Picture Is Getting Clearer

They can lie, they can twist the truth, but they can’t hide official statistics that exposes the TRUE story.

Here is a BGB reproduction of a video recording by Ivor Cummins, where he has collected the data and presents it in a simple and easy to understand format, where even the most stubborn statist; the most medically ignorant observer and the cleverest manipulators of facts have no room to argue. The statistical facts speak for themselves – very loudly:

Another Little Piece In The Jigsaw

We should all now be aware (at least the more awake who don’t just listen to the corrupt mainstream media [MSM] for their information) that what has been labelled a ‘new’ virus based on SARS-Cov-2 and the disease it supposedly causes called Covid-19, which had been fraudulently declared a deadly PANDEMIC, but since March 2020 the WHO recategorised it to flu status. Not a lot of people know that – thanks to it being unreported by the MSM.

The supposed new virus has not been isolated or identified and it’s real genome is still unknown (assuming it existed as a new  [deadly] virus in the first place, but was a hijacked annual winter flu virus that got relabelled) – so it cannot be properly identified by ANY test, least of all a RT-PCR test which is known to kick out around 80% false positives, at 35 amplification cycles and over. The recommended number of cycles in the UK is 45 cycles. Some leading scientists have gone on record to say that false positives using 45 and over cycles can turn out around 94 – 100% false positives! These are then labelled ‘cases’ and used as the excuse to scare people that it’s increasing again – this is the MSM’s favourite area of propaganda.

But it gets worse.

The Centre for Disease Control in the US have now admitted in writing, that they filled in the genome gaps by a computer modelling programme! In other words – PURE GUESSWORK. Again – you should all now be aware of the part that garbage modelling from Imperial College London – under the supervision of the disgraced Prof. Neil Ferguson – was what prompted the mad lockdown orders in the US & the UK in the first place.

Listen to the details of this new revelation  – and PLEASE don’t boringly go shooting the messenger – the proof is available for all to view from the source paper published by the CDC:

Finally Some More Wisdoms From “The Old Man in a Chair

What he has to say fits in nicely to tie the information in the above two videos together:

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