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Please click on the above graphic to read the FACT SHEET that we have published on the RT-PCR test.

If you intend volunteering for a PCR (Covid-19) test, which is up to 80% inaccurate (depending on the way it’s conducted) and whose inventor vehemently argued that it should NOT be used for diagnostic purposes, but you still believe the official line – that each positive test result = A CASE – then you need to watch, thoroughly listen and digest the full import of the following video, with clips of what eminent doctors, scientists and the inventor of the PCR test (a Nobel Prize Winner) have to say:

Kary Banks Mullis was an American biochemist. In recognition of his invention of the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technique, he shared the 1993 Nobel Prize in Chemistry with Michael Smith and was awarded the Japan Prize in the same year. Sadly, Kary Mullis PhD is no longer with us – he died in August 2019. If he was around today, without question, he would be the most vocal in exposing the misuse of his invention in order to ramp up the fear, using pseudo science, in order to propagate the whole false ‘pandemic’ agenda.

Assuming that is, that he would be given an opportunity to explain the truth to the billions of people who have been duped, using his PCR testing invention as an instrument to falsely interpret a positive test result as a ‘CASE’ of Covid-19. The same applies to a small army of eminent scientists who are trying to get the truth out to the masses. Those are the voices that are being censored and isolated from any debates on the subject. The fear is that the truth will get out and influence the thinking of those exposed to the propaganda that has convinced them that the virus is still spreading, is deadly and is increasing. A lie that will be exposed in the fullness of time. Malfeasance in public office law suites are currently being drawn up by lawyers and doctors in various countries, including eminent members of the scientific community – like Professor Dolores Cahill, Professor Carl Henaghan,  and many others.


Here is an excerpt from a conversation between Richie Allen and Dr. Vernon Coleman, broadcast by the Richie Allen Show on Monday the 5th of October 2020. It bears out – from a different source – what is conveyed in the text and video production published above:

And finally the last word from “The Old Man In a Chair”:

Debunking the Biggest Lies They Tell

The Bottom Line Is:

  1. The RT-PCR process is being used to falsely interpret every positive (mostly false) test results as CASES of Covid-19.
  2. The testing is being increased in order to give the false impression that there are ‘cases’ of Covid-19 increasing. More tests = more false positives = more propaganda that there is an increase in CASES. 
  3. The corrupt scam is being increasingly exposed through scientific evidence, and there is panic that the illusion cannot be maintained through to next spring.
  4. Cases of seasonal, coronavirus infections of flu, common colds and flu vaccinations, are being used as the accelerant to maintain the illusion of a ‘new’ coronavirus pandemic, that has long gone through the population and has killed only about .03% of those who contracted it.
  5. Anyone who has previously been infected with any corona viruses, or had a flu injection has genetic debris in their bodies that is interoperated as an infection of Covid-19 through the flawed RT-PCR testing regime. These false results are then recorded as ‘cases’.

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