Sense From Sumption

This week a former UK Supreme Court Justice took to the airwaves to strongly criticise the government’s latest laws designed to tighten restrictions on social interactions which came into force on Monday the 14th of September.

According to Lord Jonathan Sumption, the government’s cryptic ‘Rule of Six’ law which prevents more than six people,  children, from gathering socially in both indoor and outdoor settings, and homes, gardens, pubs and parks – is “pointless, arbitrary and unnecessary.”

“This one size fits all approach is deeply destructive… it’s much more efficient for everybody to make their own decisions in a responsible way,” says Lord Sumption.

On the issue of legality of the government’s policy he remarked,

I think it’s very unlikely that the courts are going to decide whether it’s necessary because this is not only a difficult question – a technical and scientific question, but it has to be weighed against all sorts of other social considerations unrelated to health – the social damage, the collateral medical damage, the educational, and economic damage, and so on. This is an exercise which courts are not well placed to carry out and I suspect that the courts will recognize that.”

You can view the interview with  TalkRadio host Julia Hartley-Brewer below:

BGB’s Analysis:

There are those among us, from esteemed past positions – like Lord Sumption – who can see how unnecessary and wrong this invasion on our liberties are. many are leading professors, doctors, scientists, virologists, epidemiologists & members of the legal profession etc. However there is only one group that gets any air time via the mainstream media, they are those who are culpable in this hoax. Anyone who questions the official narrative are frozen out, ridiculed, threatened (as NHS staff are, that they may lose their jobs and their careers if they speak out). On top of that the huge globalist corporations (like Google/YouTube, Facebook & Twitter)  who are involved in internet media distribution are censoring anything that provides evidence exposing the directives coming from the WHO, which controls the experts who dictate what governments do. These experts (via the WHO & the UN) are on the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation  payroll . This is commonly called corruption, as in the case of the Belarus president Alexander Lukashenko, who openly declared that he had been offered a bribe of $940 million by the IMF and World Bank, to impose lockdown and to force his country to accept directives from the WHO for the wearing of masks, economic collapse and a demand for all citizens to social distance. He wisely turned it down.

The REAL Problem

But the real problem in this country is that members of parliament have surrendered their right, which is their supposed primary role, to demand, to discuss and debate all proposed rules imposed by a nucleus of people led by Boris Johnson and selected members of his inner cabinet to basically do as they like. Under normal circumstances this is called dictatorial rule. Even the Coronavirus Emergency Act 2020 with breath-taking and sweeping powers, got fast tracked through on a Monday afternoon! Without any discussion or debate in the Commons. This is dangerous, we are in the territory of tyranny when this happens. Glimpses of this trend became apparent during the Brexit episode. When there is no parliamentary scrutiny, we can quickly slide into a totalitarian state – this is almost accomplished right now.

It’s refreshing to see some MPs waking up to the danger like Lord Graham Brady, who is in charge of the highly influential 1922 back bench Committee. We need others to wake up. Unfortunately they, like most of the public have been duped by what they have been fed as fear porn by those in charge, who in turn act exactly in tune with what their “expert” advisors tell them. They in turn are the puppets of the corrupt WHO.

So in essence at present we are ruled by an unelected  technocracy who are working to a planned agenda. They need to be brought to heel, and the job of governing left to a democratic parliament – where all members come to democratic conclusions based on scientific evidence, presented by medical experts ACROSS THE BOARD.

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