A Tribute To Dr. Vernon Coleman’s Hard Work


Vernon Coleman is almost an institution. He’s a medical doctor of over 50 years. He’s a prolific writer with over 100 books published in his name – many are best sellers. He’s also a tireless campaigner – a ‘workaholic’  – and a huge advocate for the truth, that he pursues without let-up. He bows to no one, least of all the cowering cretins at You Tube, who are a key censor of truth and the guardians of the ‘official’ line on the hoax plandemic we have been subjected to. They are a huge global, corporate company, owned by Google, and are one of the stalwarts of the Cabal. They are key censors in the propaganda battle that is currently being waged against the public – free speech is an anathema to them and their cronies. They will not win.

YouTube have mercilessly removed Dr. Coleman’s videos from their platform, they have hounded him for simply speaking out the truth. It seems they are scared stiff that ‘An Old Man In a Chair’ will scupper their plans single-handedly;  the plans of the evil entities that wish us harm; those who are part of the implementation of the New World Order.

“My Last Video For YouTube”

That is the title of the following video, which has been saved, reproduced and archived by BGB on an independent streaming platform for safe keeping.


BGB will be in contact with Dr. Coleman, to offer any assistance possible to keep his videos going. BGB will also offer him website construction assistance and free hosting if he so desires – we can’t afford to lose the likes of him and others of similar stature from the public arena.

Most of his videos, including the ones removed from his YouTube channel have been downloaded and saved for safe keeping. It is a simple task to upload them to the platforms used by BGB for video streaming.

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  1. cam

    Good thinking about reaching out to this great man. It is in all our best interests to promote this legend and his work. Glad he will be a regular on Richie a Allen’s show on Mondays

    • Big Gee

      It’s quite difficult to make contact with him. He has such a lot of correspondence, that he no longer has his contact details available on his old site (www.vernoncoleman.com).

      If there’s anyone out there who has his e-mail address then either contact him and ask him to contact me via our contact form on here, or send me the details via the same method.


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