Whipped Off a Street & Taken Away Without The Parents Knowing

Surely not I hear you saying – this must be another of those hysterical conspiracy theories. I wish it was. Not only can you loose your child through the actions of a local authority public health officer, but you may not be told where your child has been taken to,

Do you think that’s right? All in the name of a fake pandemic, that has been used to drive us into this situation. And sadly the majority of the zombified population – the Sheeple –  has allowed this to happen without a whisper – because they have been terrified into a herd-like panic by the government and the news media, that pretends to have our health and well being at heart, but by their historic track record that is also a huge lie. Tell that to a parent who’s had their child whisked off into quarantine, on the basis of a proven inaccurate test procedure, or the say so of a Test and Trace app.

Do You Remember?

Think back to last year and the freedoms and rights (although reduced over the years) that we had as citizens. How we were protected by law. Now fast forward to today. Write a list of what you are now NOT allowed to do. Think of the restrictions that have been placed upon you. Think of the draconian and tyrannical rules that have been imposed upon you. Add to that list CHILD KIDNAPPING. That’s right, check it out. We’ve had so many rules, directives and laws placed upon us – sometimes daily – that we have become desensitised to what they are doing to us. We can’t keep up with the twists, turns and new rules.

Here is a video that will go into more details for you:

All of this in the name of a seasonal virus, that is so benign that it only kills the aged, and then only if they have underlying health problems which may have killed them anyway. It is LESS deadly than the cyclical flu viruses that circulate during the ‘flu season’. And you believed the lies that this was a pandemic? That warranted the ’emergency’ COVID-19 Bill that got fast tracked through parliament on a Monday afternoon – without a proper vote. A scam pandemic whose death figures speak for themselves:

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