You Owe It To Yourself Your Loved Ones & All Your Future Generations – To Be Properly Informed

If you need more evidence and proof of the inverted, dystopian world that we have suddenly entered into, then please view this video:


The  above video, created by Max Igan, is currently being streamed from You Tube. It is very likely that it will be removed – under the new censorship policies that some streaming platforms have adopted in collusion with the authorities. Certain words have been muted to try and dodge the algorithms used to censor material that goes contrary to the establishment’s media propaganda.

If it is removed, then it will be replaced by a reproduced copy saved by BGB on one of two free video streaming platforms that’s used by this Blog. A shortage of time today, has prevented the reproduction on schedule for this post’s publication – but I’m on the case!

Latest News Update

Lastly, today’s reliable news from UK Column:

On the subject of censorship – take note of what is said at 31 minutes of the above video, which is in keeping with what is written above about censorship.

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