After The Long Wait It’s Here

We warned for decades about a New World Order in the making – everyone sneered and waved us away, echoing the phrase concocted by the CIA in the mid sixties “Conspiracy Theorists!” People who are prone to do that are lazy thinkers, too lazy to do the research or analyse the evidence. It’s so much less effort to just go along with the lies they are fed from the establishment.

Well look around you now. This is the plan that has been carefully schemed and tested for a very long time. Finally the beast showed it’s head, sprung the trap and we have been caught up in the web – helpless. Like lambs to the slaughter, not just the gullible masses, but the world’s politicians and their governments as well. They have fallen foul of the Technocrats and what they have planned is a Technocracy, where human life is worthless – a disposable commodity, simply the building bricks of social engineering, but more telling is the fact that governments will also be swept  away, and they are the architects of their own fate.

Increasingly, the Technocrats are the ones who have been pulling the strings when it comes to governmental policies. Nowhere was this more evident than in the European Union, where policy decisions were dictated by unelected Technocrats – they even tried to run countries like Greece, using Technocrats. It was a model of what was in the pipeline. An even greater example is China.

Few from amongst the public realise what has been going on. They may have heard of ‘Globalists’, ‘Elites’, ‘The 1%’, ‘The Cabal’, ‘The Cult’ or even the latest popular tag, that has been used by many of the more religious, pointing to the description found in the Book Of Revelation of ‘The Beast’ (Satan) and the ‘Mark of the Beast’. It really doesn’t matter a jot what you call it, it relates to the same. It is the power behind events, that not only contrives to master and control humans, but seeks to destroy humanity as we know it. We know the faces of the henchmen, like Bill Gates, Sorros, Jeff Bezos,  Espinosa, Tedros Adhanom, Anthony Fauci, Sir Patrick Vallance, Professor Chris Whitty etc. etc. etc. the list goes on and on. However these are the generals and foot soldiers, doing the bidding of the Cabal. Finding faces and names for the Cabal is slightly harder – they work in the shadows and are the actual puppet master. The spider at the centre of the web if you like.

Finding It Hard To Put Together?

Then please see this video, which is a discussion titled ‘The Global Elite & The Coronavirus Coup D’état‘  with Patrick Wood. After listening to Patrick Wood, you should totally understand what ‘Technocracy’ is all about, and who the ‘Technocrats’ are, you will also better understand what has and is going on and what the goals are for these utterly evil people:


Also see this video recording by Video Advice, titled ‘ They call it THE GREAT RESET – “Planned to the smallest detail” – narrated by Max Igan.

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