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The welfare of humanity is always the alibi of tyrants — Albert Camus

The Governance We Have Inherited Since The False Pandemic

As Britain hurtles headlong towards neo-feudalist governance with heightened surveillance, micro-management of society and an up tick in fascistic policing of the draconian measures imposed to combat the “threat” of Covid–19, it is perhaps time to analyse the real forces behind this “new normal”.

House Arrest Saves Lives?

There is now serious doubt over the correlation (see BGB’s previous article) between lockdown and saving lives. Reality is creeping into the Covid–19 dialogue. It is becoming apparent that people are getting sick because they ARE being isolated and effectively living under house arrest, condemned as “murderers” if they so much as think about breaking curfew, being snitched on by neighbours for “gathering” more than a tiny number of people together in their own back gardens.

The following graph was produced by UK Column and demonstrates the lack of correlation between lockdown and “saving lives”:

Updated 21/4/20 – the figures by now are even more stark

A Numbers Game Smokescreen

The numbers game is acting in many instances as a smokescreen. It is impossible to rely upon “official” statistics, that vary wildly from one website to another; statistics that rely upon unreliable and sporadic testing procedures, and based upon death certificates that misrepresent the actual cause of death as Covid–19, regardless of pre-existing medical conditions. Statistics, too, that were set in stone very early on in the development stages, when the perspective was limited and compressed, before a true picture could be seen. The newly emerging statistics are now increasingly undermining initial conclusions and pointing to the futility and negative consequences of lockdown.

It is now accepted that there is a high mortality rate among the elderly in care homes in the UK and globally — among the same elderly civilians who are being “asked” to sign DNRs (Do Not Resuscitate) forms. This amounts to signing their own death warrant, should they present any of the Covid–19 symptoms. They will be neglected, isolated from their families when at their most vulnerable and left alone to die, even though it is possible that they have not contracted the virus.

How To Make More People  Sick

Instead of offering proactive and positive suggestions that will enable our immune systems to combat the disease, the British Government is ensuring conditions that will suppress immune systems to dangerous levels and create the perfect environment for Covid–19 (a benign flu like Corona Virus that has not been identified or isolated to date from which 99.5% of the population will quickly recover from, as they do from normal flu infection) to flourish.

Britain has now received an estimated 1.4 million new benefit claims for welfare payments, “about seven times the normal level”. The government has pledged to bail out “80% of pay of workers who are temporarily laid off” but I have personally spoken to self-employed individuals who find themselves falling between the cracks that qualify them for financial support and now face an indefinite period of time without income.

These measures are being imposed in a country that, since 2012, has seen an exponential growth in child poverty to potentially sub-Victorian levels. In March 2019, the number of children living in “absolute poverty” grew by a staggering 200,000 in a twelve-month period, to a total of 3.7 million. How will this number be further impacted by lockdown?

How did we arrive at this point? Who steered the UK Government towards this questionable and alarmist lockdown policy? The unexamined assumption is that conclusions were formed on the basis of sound epidemiological analysis and research by doctors and scientists who care about our welfare.

The reality is what we will examine in another article. Where the spotlight will be on Neil Ferguson, a professor at Imperial College, was responsible for the modelling of a response to Covid–19. His virtual model was recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and it passed through into policy with virtually no scrutiny. Ferguson’s dramatic prediction of 500,000 deaths in the UK became the foundation of Boris Johnson’s U-turn from herd immunity to collective quarantine.

While some understood that Ferguson later reduced his mortality calculations, he actually doubled down on his projections on Twitter, insisting that without drastic lockdown measures being taken, the numbers would be even higher.

BGB Footnote: If it walks like a rat, squeaks like a rat and smells like a rat, then it IS a rat. These are the dodgy characters that dictate UK governments policies, mostly for personal gain (power and money) because they are in the ‘club’ of puppets, whose strings are in the hands of the W.H.O. which has been bought and paid for by the Bill and Melinda gates Foundation. The vast majority of the politicians are woefully ignorant when it comes to medical or scientific knowledge. They are clueless and gormless, they know no more than the average person on the street – which in itself is pathetic. Yet they give us the impression that they are capable of making decisions on our behalf, based on the rubbish whispered in their ears by the Cabal. It’s time for a global wake-up.

The above article is based on an original UK Column article written by: Vanessa Beeley on the 22nd of April 2020. Minor editorial changes have been made by BGB.

Below is a BGB video containing an excerpt from UK Column’s excellent website, which is thoroughly recommended for all subscribers to BGB.

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