It’s Not Just The ‘Plandemic’ Virus That’s Changing Our Lives

So you thought it was just a case of a new virus coming along (as they do and have done for thousands of years). Normally they sweep through the population – sometimes worldwide. Some fall victim to them, some don’t, but generally we build up a herd immunity. That means that everyone who comes into contact with them – thanks to our wonderful immune system – build up an immunity, they will never again react to that exact same virus. Some of the weaker in our community die, either because they have weak immune systems, or have underlying problems with their health. This has always been the case and always will be.

However viruses mutate, and as a rule they become less harmful and as herd immunity build up, and the mutated version of the virus becomes less potent, then they disappear. EXACTLY the same thing applied to this latest virus, named Covid-19. It was in fact quite benign, certainly more benign and less deadly than a particularly nasty seasonal flu virus that broke out in 2017/18. Don’t take my word for it go and check the death rates – Covid-19 has not killed anywhere near as many people on it’s rounds as the flu virus of 2017/18 did. Despite the falsification of death cause on death certificates – to keep the perception that it’s killing swathes of people across the globe. In other words, it is a scam, a hoax, and the fear and panic has been stirred up by false news from the mainstream news media – that is absolutely disgraceful, in fact I would label it criminal.

This time however, the powers that control us, have been directed by the Cabal, working through organisations like the W.H.O. to advise governments to take drastic, draconian measures to fight against what has been falsely labelled a PANDEMIC (by who else, but the W.H.O.). This has resulted in mass, unprecedented panic and fear. That, in turn, has wrecked the economy of nearly all countries, and has been a springboard to get something far more sinister into the arena.

To put it in perspective, the Spanish Flu E- aspidemic of 1918 killed an estimated 50 – 100 million, at a time when the world population was around one and a half billion, compared to today’s population of 7.7 billion. Elementary mathematics will tell you that the figures don’t compare. Did we have the panic and fear – as experienced in 2020 –  back in 1918? That should tell you something about the way this scam has been ratcheted up.

The Damage Is Not Just The Physical Virus On Our Physical Being

These last few months – under governmental control – has not just effected our physical well being, it goes much deeper. It has been a psychological attack on the malleable public – through manufactured fear. The fall out is only just starting to be seen.

Below is a video by Dr. John Bergman. Dr. Bergman is a colourful character, he tells it as he sees it. He is down to earth with no airs or graces – I love direct, sensible and forthright people like that. He’s a gem, powered by basic common sense enhanced by many years of practising as a doctor in the USA. He is one of a growing army of doctors who are fighting back against this evil that has been unleashed upon us. Hence the reason that so many videos produced by doctors are being published on this blog. Many are being censored on platforms run by big global companies who are the vassals of the Cabal – like You Tube, (who are owned by Google).

Listen and learn from this great communicator:

The above video is streamed from an independent, free speech supporting platform that this blog uses.

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