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The UN Agenda 21 or 2030 as it’s now called, is probably one of the most important documents that you need to study in this perilous period of human history that we are living through.

It is widely available for all to read, and you can view a copy below. However whilst available to all, VERY few people know of it, even fewer have read it. That’s not surprising, because:

a) it’s not promoted widely in the public domain by the MSM (for obvious reasons) and

b) it’s pretty well written, meaning the reality of it’s contents are well buried amongst the wordy content.

However it is THE document that has been ratified and signed up to by nations the world over – by those in important governmental occupation – that you have voted into power. They don’t talk about it to the likes of you and I. It’s not only signed up to on a national level, but all authorities are signed up to it around the globe, right down to Local Government and even Community Councils here in the UK. Many did not know what it was actually about, duped into, believing that it was designed for sustainable development – recycling, a greener earth, less pollution, clean water and a plentiful supply of food for all the starving nations etc. etc. What they didn’t realise was that they were signing up to promote a totalitarian, centralised global state – the New World Order – with a mandate of human depopulation reduced down to an eventual target of about half a billion. Having supposedly calculated that was the optimum population figure than the Earth could realistically support. The real reason for this depopulation goal was actually for far more sinister reasons.

I’ve referred to Agenda 21 many times on the blog, but I suspect that not many have gone to the considerable effort to read and study it in it’s entirety. So, it may be easier for you to listen to Rosa Koire, as she explains to you what it’s really about:


Here is the full document, if you want to study it in depth:


Quite an eye opener. This is the Cabal’s Bible. It gives full view in plain sight, of what is planned, and what the New World Order will be like. Linked into this agenda is the man-made climate change hoax, along with planning and development controls, the loss of land and the main blood curdling intention to cull the world’s human population.

Those intentions fit nicely -hand in glove – with this further hoax virus pandemic fear that has been unleashed upon us. The virus won’t greatly deplete our numbers – in fact it is less deadly than the annual seasonal flu virus that circulates annually – it was never intended to be particularly deadly.

This has been a softening up exercise, to see how we would react to our freedoms and rights being taken away overnight, how obedient we would be, and how compliant the general population would be under such circumstances. That job of controlled genocide, has been left to  the likes of Bill Gates and his vaccine producers, who will have free reign to physically restrain you, whilst they pump goodness knows what (it certainly won’t be a true anti virus vaccine, as no such thing exists) into your body. That’s when the body bag count will rise, and the proposed total control proper takes care of the ‘left overs’. By then it will be too late to wake up to what’s happened. It will all be blamed on that horrible ‘DEADLY C’ovid-19 virus or a similar hoax derivative of it.

Don’t allow yourself to become a victim of this genocidal plan, at the hands of the Cabal, who in turn are controlled by the dark force in the shadows. It has been in the planning stage since before your great, great grandfather was born. We are the generation that will see the curtain rise on a brave new world – often referred to as the NWO. A totalitarian, fascist police state the likes of which has never before been seen on this Earth.

It’s our children, grandchildren, great, and great great grandchildren who will suffer in agony, as slaves hooked up to artificial intelligence (AI) systems. The plan to bring that about is coming to fruition at an alarming speed – just look around you. Do you still recognise this as the accepted normal, or something totally alien to what we’ve been used to?

It’s time to:


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